10 Tips For Direct Networking

10 Tips For Direct Networking

Networking allows prospects to know and learn about you and the company. It provides a face for clients who prefer that method. Here are 10 tips for networking:

1. Dress professionally and always take a brief moment to check once you arrive.

2. Make sure you are comfortable, don't wear those new shoes that will hurt your feet or a shirt that bunches and requires frequent adjustments.

3. TURN YOUR CELL PHONE OFF! Or at least set it on vibrate. Answering a phone presents the appearance that something else is more important.

4. Spend time with those you don't know! Don't catch up with old friends or contacts, use this time to meet new and expand your contact list.

5. Share information about your company with those you meet. Have an elevator speech prepared (10-20 seconds) to give a brief overview when the opportunity presents itself. Then let it go. Let them ask for more information, pressuring will only turn them off to your company.

6. Always be well stocked with business cards to hand out anytime you meet someone. Even consider having your personal phone number on the back of some for personal meetings. This gets your business information out there and back to the home or office with them. Also consider a small gift like a pen, but make sure it's a nice one, not just a stick pen.

7. Be a good listener. People can tell when you are not interested. Always present interested body language and remember to make eye contact.

8. Collect as many business cards as possible. Take notes about each person on the back of their business card and include why you need to make contact.

9. Send a thank you note. It was nice to meet you. After meeting someone, send them a note, just make sure it's personal and ALWAYS SIGN YOUR OWN NAME! Never type your name on it. Very impersonal!

10. Follow up! Referring to the notes on the back of their business cards, send the information about your company that would best pertain to them.

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