2014 Olympics in Sochi - Worth the Cost for Russia?

2014 Olympics in Sochi - Worth the Cost for Russia? 2014 Olympics in Sochi - Worth the Cost for Russia? 2014 olympics Well the 2014 Winter Olympics are Officially on! Sochi, Russia. This is the opportunity for Russia to display all that it has to offer. The world will have an opportunity to see how individuals live in Russia and how they were able to prepare for their chance of the "Olympic Show". The athletes will be able to experience, first hand, the current status of the communist state and how it has developed, and yes, reporters from all over the world will descend onto Sochi to witness first hand the capabilities of Russia and its people in action. The Olympics are always a thrill for the world and it's a great opportunity for the host country to put on their best and shine. Russia has reportedly spent over $51 BILLION dollars on putting these winter Olympics on this year. This amount is over 4 times what Russia had originally intended to spend on the Olympics and more than all other Olympic games COMBINED. It is $10Billion more than the recent Chinese Olympics. In the end, will it have been a wise investment that pays off with a positive world view of communist Russia? Or will it turn out to be an indictment of the communist system. I have seen reports that theestimate of money lost to corruption during these Olympics may be upward of $30 Billion. Is this relevant? I think so, because one of the major reasons that Russia bid and won these Olympic games is to showcase their country and its capabilities. Russian Communism in 2014 Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, realizes that the prestige of his country is at stake here. There is unprecedented access to the Russian people, culture, government, resources, police and other aspects of Russian life by thousands of outsiders. And stakes are high. Even the best, most advanced and well financed countries have a hard time living up to the expectations of the highly-hyped Olympics. It's a tall order to live up to. And I give my respect to any country that takes on this enormous and highly scrutinized event. It can be a huge win for the country with new found appeal, prestige and honoror it can be a damaging testimonial to their ineptitude. I always hope for the positive for each country. But, so far, here are some of the not-so-positive elements that I have seen in the paper and heard on the TV or radio media. Reporters have shown up in Sochi and found that the hotels are not ready. Yes, not ready. It's not like the government didn't know about this Olympic event long in advance. Rooms that were "ready" were without running water. When it did run, the guests were cautioned not to use the deep yellow water to wash their face, because there were 'dangerous chemicals' in the water. Police and others are rounding up and shooting stray and wild dogs in the Olympic village. I love dogs, and I doubt PETA would be welcome in the Olympic Village. Room were described as "cell-like" on one radio show. This can only make you wonder what real jail cells in Russian prisons look like. Now mind you this is after $51 billion dollars. And, I am sure, there was unwavering effort and their intent to put on the best possible face for the Russian Country, it's people.and their government. Will the Olympics "Show" be a Hit? Or a Miss? The success or failure of the Olympics and the impression of Russian that it leaves on the world is largely up to the success of the government, and it will be an impression that will last a long time. I believe that the Russianpeople are fundamentally good. Their individual success and their failures may be largely due to the influence that their government has over the population. And there are positive things to observe when looking at these Olympics. Many of these features have been outlined in other articles, including "Why Sochi Will Be the Greatest Winter Olympics Ever", published by David DiGregorio in Huffington Post. I think there are many good points in this article, but time will tell if DiGregorio's prediction will be correct, or wishful thinking. Others have already been posting why these Olympics are a disaster, even though they have hardly even started. (see these links) Russian Plumbing and other issues. Environmental Concerns. Security Concerns. Only time will tell. Let's give it a fair shake and do an honest assessment upon conclusion of the Olympic events. Why I Love the Olympics I have always loved the Olympics. The competition between true athletes (not paid professional athletes) in unusual sporting events, from all over the world is a positive event in many, many aspects. Going down a frozen tube on you back at 80-100 MPH is unusual. It's a time when I feel that the world is a little smaller, more closely knit and when we realize that we are more alike than different. I know that some countries provide high levels of support to these athletes so they can train and that is a form of being "paid", but I am OK with that. And yes, winners can make a TON of money on top of the gold medal, but in it's most innocent form, the "purity" of these events, the acceptance of everyone's national pride is priceless. I wish them all the best. Best for the Athletes. Best for the Spectators. Best for the Russians. Best for the ..OLYMPICS. But fundamentally we have to remember the reason the host countrytakes on the enormous and expensive challenge in producing a successful Olympic event is for "showing off" their country to the world. It's both pride and for bragging rights. So what do you think? Is the investment into the Olympics a worthwhile business investment for the host country? Sochi Olympics Is it a good BUSINESS decision for a country to hold the Olympics? Yes. The cost and effort is positive for the host country Maybe. It all depends on how they turn out... No. The cost and effort is way too much for the ROI Other: Add - "Yes" or "No" then your explanation! Vote View Results Total Answers 0 Total Votes 0 2014 olympics Premium Content This is for members only Share Original Source: entrepreneurialpractice.com

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