3 Intelligent Ways to Create a Lasting Customer Relationship Online

3 Intelligent Ways to Create a Lasting Customer Relationship Online

A warm handshake, an inviting smile and a shared joke. These types of in-person interactions create a personal connection that builds trust. As more and more business today is conducted on the internet, brands are challenged to create a warm customer experience online which is crucial to build the trust required for transaction.

In this post, we cover three basic tactics which build a warm experience in person and how that translates to the online experience as told byCopybloggers Pamela Wilsonat Authority Rainmaker 2015.

These things work great in person, but what about online?To optimize your customer experience design, you have three online touch points. Nail these touch points, and youll have a grand opportunity to build that deep personal connection.

Touch Point #1

Homepage (The Introduction) As a prospect enters your website they are asking themselves Where am I? and Is this worth my time?. It is critical to answer those questions quickly and in a way which builds trust.To do this, build a cmon or, come on in into your homepage. A cmon is both welcoming and empowering for the prospect.

Touch Point #2

Content (A Personal Touch) Once youve nailed the intro, your prospect is ready for a click through. They are asking themselves now Who are you? and Do Icare?.Content is your opportunity to create a conversation and tell your prospect you care about their problems.

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