3 Tips to Protect Your Business from Crime

3 Tips to Protect Your Business from Crime

The potential for crime is always a concern for businesses with physical locations. Here are three tips to help you protect your business from crime.

1. Keep your mailbox empty.

An overly full box is a sign to criminals that you're away from your business location or at least don't go there frequently. They may take that opportunity to strike. When you're on vacation, arrange for a trusted coworker or friend to pick up the mail every few days. If that's not possible, ask the post office to hold your mail and pick it up when you return. That way, it appears that someone is checking the mail and that there is business activity.

2. Install security cameras.

If a criminal sees that you have surveillance video cameras surrounding your location, he or she will be less likely to target your business. Don't just put them up inside, make sure you have cameras outside recording your entrances and exits, too. If there is a break-in, you'll have video evidence that could help ID the criminal. Don't just install them, actually devote time to look at some of the feeds. This is especially important if crime has increased in your area or if your workers have alerted to suspicious activity. Staying on time of security is key.

3. Reduce hiding places outside.

If your business is surrounded by bushes, make sure you keep them trimmed pretty low to the ground. Also, install exterior lights with motion sensors to capture movement outside your location. Reducing places for criminals to hide can make your business less of a target.

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