4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching a Mobile App

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching a Mobile App

If you're looking to launch a mobile app as part of your business plan, there are several things to consider first. Here are four of them.

1. Have I done my market research?

This should include researching your customers and competitors. What are people looking for your app to do? Find this out by asking potential customers for feedback on your idea. This can be done via electronic survey and with some in person panels if you want more in depth answers. Don't forget to research competitors, too. Are there features customers wish a competitive app had that you can incorporate into your own mobile app? Check out reviews of competitor apps to find out. 

2. How are people going to find out about my app?

With over 1 million mobile apps in both the App Store and Google Play plus an additional 10,000+ apps launching every month, you need a solid marketing plan if you want your mobile app to be successful. Buzinga recognizes this and includes the market launch intheir process for developing a mobile app. While marketing includes the tactics you'll use to get new users to download your app, it will also include things like picking the perfect name, choosing the right description and having the appropriate keywords to help your target market find and choose your mobile app over the competition.

3. Have I thoroughly tested my prototype?

While you can't plan for everything, getting beta testers onboard to test early versions of app could ensure you get the initial kinks out. It could also get you some free marketing if the beta testers love your app's performance.

4. How can I raise enough money to fund this mobile app as a business?

If you don't have enough money to research, develop, market and optimize your app, it has little chance for success. Watch the video below to learn how to raise funds for your mobile app startup.

Original Source: buzinga.com.au

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