6 Principles Of Effective Email Marketing

6 Principles Of Effective Email Marketing

Email has been in like since forever and no other messenger has taken it over because this is a formal medium to send and receive a message. Business proposals and other important and formal messages are transferred through email to make sure they reach the right recipient and remain secure. Emailing mediums have developed but haven't been dissolved because they are important. But in order to carry out the operations online or in our regular lives we require a great reliable internet upon which we can count on. Well, you don't worry about the reliable and cost-effective internet connection because Comcast deals offers the best of speeds at reasonable rates.

Email is also being extensively used for the marketing and has the potential to reach out to the larger audience with the same interests as you. Research has shown that this old outreaching method via email can be really effective if used right. Of course, bombarding someone's inbox with emails will not gain you attention rather an annoyance. Whereas we have a few ground principles which will lead you towards effective email marketing. And will get you the results you acquire.

1. Make a unique or special offer:

An article named The power of a specific offer to a specific prospect states a very great quote that actually sums up the goal behind every email made for the marketing purposes. Here it is: Specificity converts. In marketing, there should be no such thing as a general message. The marketer communicates with an aim. This aim should dictate everything else we say. This aim should influence, even constrain, every word we say. If you just want to aware people about your existence then most certainly your email will serve the purpose and also that you like to send useless emails that lead to no conversions.

The conversion rate can most certainly be improved with specificity. The subject line of your email should speak for itself and should intrigue the audience to open and actually read the email. Don't make your email a sales pitch. It should simply define your offerings in the most attractive and non-sales manner so that the audience visit your website. And your website does the sales for you. Simply the offer should be specific and intriguing enough to give the targeted audience a reason to visit your website.  

2. Make your offer in a right way to the right audience:

A clear and specific offer won't just get you what you want and that alone won't make people rush towards your website. That is a very core factor but that alone won't attract you traffic especially when the person receiving email doesn't have any direct connection to the offer. You can have a specific and most original offer but it will most certainly not effect on the wrong audience. So the offer should be presented in the right way to the right audience at the right time. For example, a real estate marketing campaign should be designed so that it benefits both the seller and buyer. It should provide ample information to both and should be of attraction to both of them. An email in a week would cause annoyance rather than alluring the potential customers. Whereas if you're running the email campaign for e-commerce store you may want to send frequent emails to keep the potential customers informed of your best deals and new projects.    

3. Communicate like you communicate on the social media:

Do you ever get the fliers while walking along the street which you throw in the dustbin on the very next corner? Same is the situation with the emails that are solely designed for the marketing purposes and are flooding the inboxes of the targeted audience. E-mail is a way to stay connected with your friends and family so design it with more of social media perspective rather than promotional. Engage with the audience rather throwing sales pitches on them.  

4. Don't expect to be successful at the very first attempt:

Don't expect to get it right at the very first attempt. It is possible that you do really great and starts your campaign on the right foot but email marketing requires some time, reworking and testing etc. to really grab the potential of it. Email marketing is just like other online marketing techniques and highly rely on the analytics rather than that of assumptions. So numbers also greatly matter in email marketing.  

5. Make the very clear to the targeted audience:

Making people believe in your organization's or brand's values is really important. You need to define your values in the subject line and images very clearly. As in the SEO world, you just have a moment to actually grab the attention of the visitor to make it worth their while. And email marketing also requires the same urgency, but definitely in a different way. When someone visits your site you can safely say that they have knowledge about your product or service and are actually interested in it. But when someone anonymously sends you an email you only open it to check the potential of the offer made in it. So making your values clear and making an impression through it is highly important in the email marketing.  

6. Be very clear in your statements:

Like no one is likely to fall into a committed relationship at their very first handshake. Likewise, no one is going to agree upon what you're asking from them. So never ask too much and be very clear in your offering statements. No hidden surprises. Being clear on your statements and offerings can actually gain your credibility and which in turn get you the loyal customers.

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