6 Simple Tips to Get the Attention of Major Blogs

6 Simple Tips to Get the Attention of Major Blogs

Guest posting gives you recognition and improved authority, greater exposure for your blog, quality backlinks, and new opportunities for growth. And these are just few of the reasons why you need to guest blog.

But what if you are not some big name blogger with a huge audience behind? What if you're just starting to expand your reach to a new readership? Is it possible then to get a publication on major blogs likeThe Huffington Post, Mashable, or Business Insider, which is currently among the top 200 most popular websites according to Alexa's Global Rank?

If you take a closer look at the bylines of the writers listed on these authority websites, you'll notice there's lots of content from guest authors, or contributors as they are referred to on Business Insider. These people are not on their payrolls, and most of them are not popular and don't have a huge following, - they're just some regular bloggers and writers looking to increase the exposure of their blogs and brands on the Internet.

So why are these bloggers getting published on Mashable and you are not?

Have you even tried to pitch a major blog or website yet? You probably think you're not ready, that they're way out of your league But the truth is they need your guest posts too, and bloggers who manage to get their attention and interest are the ones who will get published.

It is that simple. So why waiting? See how to write a successful guest post, and make sure to follow these simple rules when approaching major blogs 

Start with the submission guidelines. Read and follow the rules

Popular blogs and websites have much stricter requirements for the type and style of content they can publish. Check their "Write for us" page and stick to the instructions and the kind of writing that's regularly published on the site.

Don't let the editor format and rewrite your post.

She/he probably won't. Make sure you are sending a high quality piece of content, correctly formatted, with no spelling or grammar errors, ready to be published. It's the kind of writing any editor would gladly approve.

Keep your message short and concise.

The editor doesn't have time to read your whole story, ideas and career highlights. Be clear and to the point. Check how to pitch a guest post.

Never miss a deadline.

It's completely unprofessional, and if editors can't trust you, they won't want to work with you. If you've said that you'll send the article by June, 30th, stick to your promise and deliver.

Be persistent, but don't annoy the editor.

It does happen for a message to be forgotten or overlooked, considering the volume of emails, tweets and instant messages that people working at such huge blogs receive every day, all day, from bloggers like me and you. Send a followup email regarding the status of your post if you don't get a response from the editor in five to seven days. If there's still no answer, move on to another blog or website.

Never complain for getting rejected.

Even the best bloggers were rejected by an editor at some point in their careers. Ask if they can suggest how to improve it, or offer another post on different topic. You can always try with another blogger and editor if you think your post is valuable.

So do you believe you are ready to approach major sites in your industry for a guest post? What popular blogs do you have in mind? Tell us in the comments

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