7 Musts For Your Brand's Twitter Account

7 Musts For Your Brand's Twitter Account

Community management is thrilling and challenging in equal measures. Managing a corporate Twitter account requires a clear vision, a thoughtful strategy, and dedication in order to keep a brand in front of established customers while attracting new ones.

Amid millions of social media accounts and billions of conversations taking place every day, getting your corporate Twitter account noticed can be challenging. Grabbing the attention of your target audience starts with establishing your social brand profile, which is achieved by constantly publishing relevant content.

Consistency helps build a routine that helps your followers know what to expect from your account. Users tend to unfollow inactive accounts or accounts that tweet only once or twice a week.

People who follow a corporate Twitter account are interested not only in company news, but also in the brand story, product updates, offers, how to use videos, and industry news. By monitoring your following base, you can segment your audience into subgroups, each with its own interests and needs.

It's important to tailor your content to meet those diverse needs and interests. Media monitoring tools can help you understand the topics your followers are interested in and create content that meets their interests.

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