8 Vital Marketing And Sales Tools For The New Entrepreneur To Feel Complete

8 Vital Marketing And Sales Tools For The New Entrepreneur To Feel Complete

Regardless of the field or industry, every practitioner, artist, consultant and professional requires a capable set of tools to get their jobs done efficiently. Whether it's a pen, shovel or piece of software, tools enable us to remain relevant, gain a competitive advantage and serve clients well. They cannot be ignored or taken for granted.

With fast paced trends in data consumption and analysis, we see aplethora of premium software on the market geared towards helping businesses in every industry achieve success through knowledge and efficiency. No longer is the scale tipped in the favor of large conglomerates but the average, small, fast moving startup, now stands a chance at Billion dollar successes.

The Importance of Marketing Tools & Automation

Though many businesses have been reluctant and slow to respond to social media and the changing face of online marketing, we see an uptick of investments in resources to boost performance; by both small and large enterprises. All signals indicate the relevance of marketing automation as revenues for business-to-business (B2B) marketing automation systems will grow 60% to reach $1.2 billion this year, according to Raab Associates. Up from about $100 Million in 2009.

Consumers innately require more from businesses and merchants as they're more likely to respond on an emotional and personalized level. Meaning that if you're not capable of adequately managing customer and prospect relationships in a native, meaningful and responsive manner, it's quite possible your marketing shenanigans will be ignored for the most part. Achieving this at scale requires people behind stable systems and tools that work.

A vast majority of leads you will qualify on a daily basis will not be ready to purchase immediately. Customers respond to feeling connections with brands that speak to their daily life problems and interests; and this requires continuous and persistent engagement. Your marketing model should not be based on solely closing sales but nurturing leads. Nurtured leads spend more money on brands they trust and are the key to developing loyal customers.

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