9 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

9 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

I'm sure you've spent lots of your time designing your blog, creating great content, uploading images, videos, infographics, and the like. However, your work is not done yet. No one will be able to see all that if you don't bring traffic to the site.

There are so many powerful ways to market your blog and get your content closer to the readers you target, online and offline. And the methods evolve over time, as new channels develop and the old are buried in the past. Here we'll cover few that are currently relevant:

#1 Post as often as you can

Search is important for bloggers. You want your content to appear in search engines result pages when people look up your keywords and phrases. For Google to index your pages more often, you need more fresh content on your blog. This doesn't mean posting just any content, but I'm sure we already know that, right?

#2 Watch your titles

Titles are crucial when it comes to driving traffic. They often mean the difference between a blog post that generates few views and a post that generates tons of views. Add numbers and "how to" to your headlines - they usually attract more traffic, - and make sure you are not making anytitle mistakes.

#3 Provide options for readers to subscribe

You want people who come to your pages to become regular readers of your blog. Give them the opportunity to connect with you if they show interest. Add RSS feed, but also an email subscription button, so you can send your readers casual reminders of the great content you share for them. Feedburner, Feedblitz and AWeber are some of the services to use.

#4 Link to your posts in your email signature

How many people do you communicate with daily via email? Most probably a lot. If you add a link to your latest blog post at the end of each email, some of them may click it and read it. Sure you don't want to miss that opportunity to bring more visits to your blog. Use WiseStamp and make sure to add the RSS feed to give this option to the people you talk to every day.

#5 Send an email broadcast

Those who subscribed to your blog already like your content. You just need to remind them to check out your latest work. Sending links to your most recent or most read posts and videos in a blast email or newsletter is a great way to encourage interaction and engagement. But be careful not to overuse this still very powerful marketing tool.

#6 Comment on niche blogs

To increase the chances of targeted readers landing on your blog you need to make yourself more visible. Find the most influential blogs in your niche and comment on their posts, contribute to the discussion, and add your blog URL in the comment. If people see your opinion as valuable, they'll most certainly come to check out your blog for more information on the matter.

#7 Submit your blog to directories

There are different experiences when it comes to the success of blog directories in driving greater traffic. However, it won't do you bad if you list your content to at least few, like Technorati, Blogorama, or Alltop. It's a great way to showcase your blog, your work on it, featured posts and RSS feed, and it can really help boost your traffic.

#8 Guest post on other blogs

Back to increased exposure, again, if you want more traffic to your site, you need to be more visible. Guest posting on other blogs gives you that access to a greater and new audience which may be interested in what you have to say. There are other good reasons for guest blogging too, and before you click the send button make sure you've read and applied our tips.

#9 Get active on social media

Social media completely transformed the ways to market today, and these amazing websites can provide you with international readership if that's what you want on your blog. Share your blog posts on social sites where your readers are active, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Reddit There's nothing else that can make a story go viral like shares, retweets, comments, +1s, likes, and mentions can.

Today there are more resources to promote your blog and bring greater traffic to your content then there ever were before. Have you been using some of these methods? What's your experience? Let us know in the comments.

Original Source: bloggerbabes.com

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