How Can You Efficiently Boost Traffic With Google Analytics ?

How Can You Efficiently Boost Traffic With Google Analytics ?

How Can You Efficiently Boost Traffic With Google Analytics?

            The easiest way to ascertain the level of sales a shop makes is by taking note of the amount of people going into that shop. Online shops are no different as the easiest way to gauge their sales is by looking at the amount of traffic it receives. In the light of the truth, just like offline shops traffic does not necessarily mean that you are making sales or people are taking the call to action. Probably due to the assistance of some Woocommerce mix and match or knowledge of Woocommerce coupon appeared as a top result of an organic search and the web user decided to take a tour of your website. Despite that fact, it does not rob traffic of its important as you must have traffic first before you can have conversions.

            These days however, there are tools that make use of every detail of information to provide you with an insight to how to overcome the challenges you are likely to encounter in your ecommerce venture. Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google that gives you information about the visitors to your blog. This includes the new visitors, the time they spend on your blog, the number of pages they visit as well as the source from where they access your blog or website. It cost nothing to sign up for this tool, but you just need to have a Google account that is free too. This article will equip you will information on how you can efficiently boost traffic with Google analytics.

Tracking your organic traffic

Google analytics when connected to your website will help in tracking and gathering data. To implement Google Analytics, all you need to do is to create an account, connect your website with Analytics and add the tracking code snippet to the

section of your website. It will also provide you with information on the days you have the most traffic, the amount of new visitors versus the amount of old visitors, etc.

Most visited pages

Google analytics will also provide you with information on pages with the highest traffic as well as the rate of conversion on such pages. From the information given, you will able to ascertain the content that brings in the higher amount of traffic. If it is old content or new content, if it is content on entertainment, art, culture, etc.

Source of traffic

Google analytic will also provide you with information on the source of your traffic. With this information, you will be able to ascertain if the traffic you received was from a social media marketing campaign, a SEM campaign, email marketing and so on.

Identify the most effective keywords

Google analytics will also reveal the keywords people are using to find things on the internet, particularly those connected to your website. You can also enable google search console to open yourself to the availability of data for analysis. Google search console will also provide you with information on things people look for before clicking on any website that comes up as a search result.

Study trends and web users’ behaviour

This piece of information that is key. Every element of data in Google Analytics is dependent on additional dimensions to explain it. An infographic going viral will skyrocket bounce rates. Attaining ranking on a highly competitive term can drop pages per session. Neither is necessarily a bad thing. Focus on trending data; day over day, week over week, month over month and year over year. Trends tend to affect human behaviour and human behaviour on the internet is no different. Google analytics will provide you with information that you can analyse to be able to ascertain the behaviour of a web user on your page. By analysing the pages he or she interacted with, you denote that he was satisfied with such a page. You can also say that pages where he or she disengaged himself without taking a call to action was where he or she lost interest or has gotten his or her fill.

            You are actually wondering were all these were headed. Permit me to bring to your notice that when provided information on the above stated factors, you will be making more informed and directive choices. You will no longer be working on trial and error as there will be a higher level of purpose with which you will be working.


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