How To Change the Language on UTorrent?

How To Change the Language on UTorrent?

How To Change The Language On UTorrent? reposted from myvideolinks language on utorrent 1 When you download or update to the latest UTorrent version, you might come up with a version that is not in English. The latest version can be downloaded here: IMPORTANT: When you download the latest version of UTorrent, DO NOT FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE LANGUAGE PACK. HOW TO CHANGE LANGUAGE SETTING ON UTORRENT: 1. Download the language pack from UTorrent download page : 2. Put it inside the same folder as utorrent.exe which is normally in this location: C: /Program Files /uTorrent/ 3. Open UTorrent and click PREFERENCE. If the default language is not in English, refer to the image below to find the PREFERENCE link. language on utorrent 2 4. Click on the first option from the dropdown menu. (Refer to image below) language on utorrent 3 5. Choose the language and click OK at the bottom. (English is at the very top of the list, by the way) language on utorrent 4 6. Restart UTorrent for the new setting to take effect. language on utorrent 5 � Drivers for windows 7 � Download � Download Pdf � Windows 7 � Free Download � Windows 8 � Ranks � Full VersionHow to install � Download Page � Drivers for windows 7 � Download

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