Are You Overlooking This Secret Tactic in Your Marketing Strategy?

Are You Overlooking This Secret Tactic in Your Marketing Strategy?

Community marketing and integrating your marketing plan within a community that aligns with peoples passions and creates conversation is one of the strongest ways that we are getting the attention of this marketing jaded generation.

We work with hundreds of small business owners and dozens of national brands to reach people from the ages 18-30. When I ask small business owners what their most effective marketing is, I almost always hear word of mouth. It makes sense; what is more effective than a non-biased third party evangelizing for your brand to their peers? People trust their friends.

Community-focused marketing has been a key way for marketers to be more targeted in their approach, but now its offering a unique way to rise above the noise level and join a more intimate conversation among friends.

Millennials, and especially Gen-Z, have grown up as digital natives, with advertising bombarding them from all angles. The noise level competing for their attention is always high. Because of this, millennials are turning more than ever to their peers for insight into what trends, products, and services to buy or buy into.

Focus your strategy on the communities that align with your market and deeply integrate. The authenticity will not only make you real in those communities, it will also create an aura that will draw people in to find out more.

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