Boost Your Site's SEO With Forums And Twitter

Boost Your Site's SEO With Forums And Twitter Forums, community chat rooms, and Twitter are all great ways to boost your site's traffic and help provide valuable customer interaction. But, even though using these tools may increase your site's numbers, there are some more involved methods that will really help boost your SEO and more importantly, your sales. One easy way to facilitate stronger SEO is by focusing on forum activity and routinely engaging with customers. Bringing positive comments into a community-led conversation will reflect well on your business, and simply titling a thread properly can get a page to rank in relevant searches. By manicuring an informative and bustling online community you can create a specialized environment that's a hotbed of unique consumers. The more people who visit and partake in your conversation, the higher your page will climb in relevant searches; more action equals more traction. Another way to boost SEO is through the use of Twitter and other social media channels. However, simply having a Twitter or Facebook account and intermittently posting won't suffice; the trick is to be proactive and engage customers. For example, Mindjet, a brainstorming and project implementation platform, posts positive tweets by customers about different products and services into their community in order to help close sales. These complimentary tweets can then found by prospective customers when they are researching the company and help establish a positive experience overall. Furthermore, proactive social media contact also enables posts to outlive their very short life span, which will hopefully result in more views, generate interest, and promote stronger brand loyalty and SEO. The baby superstore Kiddicare has also experienced a sales uplift as a result of properly utilizing social content. However, Kiddicare's sales increase was generated with the help of community content and real customer conversations rather than tweets or Facebook posts. At the bottom of their product pages they have forums with pre-sales content, which are different from ratings and reviews and helps customersconnect with other customers, as well as the Kiddicare brand. To see another example of strengthened SEO as a result of community-driven conversation, Google search "my iPhone won't connect to Sonos" and take a look at the results. The first six inserts are all from the community. Both prospective and existing customers are able to ask questions regarding the product, and employees have a channel through which they can provide troubleshooting advice and great answers. Ultimately, this type of user engagement and customer service reflects well on the brand and helps sell their product. While social media and customer interaction have proven to drive up SEO, sales, and brand loyalty, marketers must know what avenue is relevant and appropriate for their specific audience. For example, the best marketing solution for a brand like Kiddicare may not be Twitter or Facebook, however, by recognizing the significance of community-led forums Kiddicare has been able to increase their sales. If you're unsure of which avenue is appropriate for your business, try integrating Marketo. Marketo is a marketing automation software that allows you to see what pages of community content different customers andprospects engage with. Having this information will allow you to seed the community with pre-sales questions, setup actions, trigger emails and ads to engage with your customers. This was just one of the great tips from the Get Satisfaction Customer Success Summit.

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