Buzzfeed And Twitter Seek To Turbo-Charge Content Marketing

Buzzfeed And Twitter Seek To Turbo-Charge Content Marketing

Content marketing and social media sharing are trends that have become cemented in the day-to-day lives of brand managers, but that doesnt mean they wont evolve. offers digital marketing insight for chief marketing officers & senior marketing executives. We offer marketing news and insights in diverse topics such as; online media, branding, Emerging Media, online marketing to online media, lifecycle marketing and more traditional marketing avenues. Learn more about current trends from key players in the digital marketing space. also offers exclusive digital marketing business news & statics, commentary from digital media industry experts, and in-depth digital marketing resources. Get Informed!

We are the CMOs one-stop shop for digital marketing insight. Our goals are to help CMOs & marketing executives stay informed and save time by providing the best digital media marketing news from key players in the space. We want to help you find what is important and relevant in the easiest way possible. Get Informed!

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