Grow your Business by Hiring Freelance Coders & Designers

We offer Full time and Part-time Coders & Designers under various Hiring Packages to assist you to hire Freelance Developers without a fixed contract for your Business as per your requirements.

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Highly Skilled & Process Oriented Developers for Hire

Both Small and Big Enterprises are influenced by the scope of Cost-effectiveness and quick development of their product or website. Hiring permanent companies for the complete process from scratch is expensive when compared to Freelance Coder and Designer Hiring.

Smile IT Solutions brings a solution to you providing vastly efficient and experienced Developers that gather your requirements and get on the project right away.

Why hire our Coders and Designers?

Smile IT Solutions consists of certified google experts and their experience and expertise offered enables  to successfully meet the needs of companies even with most competitive keywords to rank at search engines.


Our highly skilled Developers provide you maximum output using various in-trend & open-source platforms like PHP, Joomla, React, etc. in minimum time, which reduces the investment costing.

We Analyze Client Website by doing SEO Audits through our inhouse Free SEO Report tools.

Professional Consultation

It is Highly recommended and helpful to receive proper Consultation for Web or App Development. It is a plus factor to hire our Developers & Designers because you get a free professional consultation from a developer with 12 years of expertise.

On-Page & Off-Page Optimization to generate a website consistent with your targeted keywords.

Low Operational Risk

An In-progress & developing Business doesn’t have the economic bandwidth to hire a full-time and full-fledged team of Coders and designers. So it reduces the factor of Operational Risk by Hiring Coders on a Part-time or hourly basis.

Coder and Designer Hiring Packages



  • Maximum 8 Hours/Day
  • Any No. of Days/Month
  • Any No. of Hours/Month
  • Billing Weekly


  • 4 Hours/Day
  • 20 Days/Month
  • 80 Hours/Month
  • Billing Monthly

Technology Expertise

Price Comparison Of Smile IT Solutions

Freelancer's or Part Time Manpower Price Comparison Of Smile IT Solutions with service providers of USA , UK and Australia. Contractual or Full Time Employees Prices are 3 times more costlier than mentioned below in USA/UK/Australia and includes various kinds of Taxes too as per applicable.

Position/Domain Hourly Rate £GBP Hourly Rate $USD Hourly Rate $AU Hourly Rate $USD SmileIT
Junior Developer GBP £15 US $17 AU $20 US $8
Mid Level Developer GBP £18 US $22 AU $25 US $10
Senior Developer GBP £21 US $28 AU $29 US $15
Graphic Designer GBP £15 US $17 AU $19 US $12
SEO/SEM GBP £17 US $24 AU $18 US $10
Virtual Assistant GBP £ 12 US $14 AU $15 US $9
Technical Support GBP £ 13 US $13 AU $13 US $8
Data Entry Staff GBP £ 13 US $13 AU $13 US $8
Social Media GBP £17 US $24 AU $18 US $10
Website Maintenance GBP £21 US $28 AU $32 US $10

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