Craigslist Dog Ads: Buyer Beware

Craigslist Dog Ads: Buyer Beware
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Alabama Craigslist Dog Ads - Buyer Beware

Craigslist is where people trade video games for a baby alligator or a pair of shoes. It's the place you go when you need to make a few extra bucks so you decide to go over to that guys house for $50 so he can watch you eat eggs while wearing a tail. It's probably not the best place to find your new dog. I though it would be fun to start a new category here on Puppy Leaks for the crazy craigslist ads I see for dogs. I didn't know where to begin so I decided to go the alphabetical route. Alabama youcertainlydidn't disappoint me. cbb2 Looking to trade firearms for Bully, or 700 cash.       cbb3This guys willing to trade gunsfora great BULLY       cbb4 Do you know how to install a fence?       Loves long walks and barking at cars, sounds like heaven       $50 for a wolf dog? Sold. [mks_separator style="blank" height="2?] I know I'm not going to convince everyone that buying a dog from craigslist is a bad idea, all the images of cute puppies will be irresistible to some. Make sure you do your research on who you'll be buying from and learn what tolook out for with a craigslist breederbefore you meet.

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