Discover The Few Key Web Design Changes That Deliver Big SEO Results

Discover The Few Key Web Design Changes That Deliver Big SEO Results

Bow down to the Search Engines. Like it or not, they are ruling our lives. Whatever you've done to improve search engine optimization on your website in the past, it's not enough. The rapid changes Google is making to their algorithms force progressive companies to be proactive. For most companies, it won't require a new website design for the corporate website, because, as with most marketing tactics, the 90-10 rule applies. Making a small number of key web design changes will give you 90% better rankings. Which translates into more qualified traffic. Where do you begin? How do you identify the key web design changes that will give you the biggest return? To take advantage of the 90-10 rule, you don't need to learn everything about SEO, just about the specific weaknesses in your own company's implementation. That's why we provide an SEO analysis. One of our strategists takes an in-depth look at a company's website and evaluates it across 25 key areas.

Our findings show what needs to change, and what can be left alone, including:

  • Domain facts that could be hurting you.
  • W3C Warnings and Errors that are dragging you down.
  • Page Rank and Page Rank Drain
  • Whether your site's code adheres to SEO Best Practices
  • Whether you're in a bad neighborhood (and don't know it)
  • And lots, lots more

Previously, this servicewas only available to our paying clients. Now, we're offering this key evaluation to the first 5-7 applicants each month for FREE. And, rather than make you figure out what all of the technical jargon means for yourself, we've gone one step further and areincluding a free phone consultation along with the report card, during which one of our SEO strategists will walk you through each point and explains in detail how your website did and why it's important. Why are we giving such a valuable report away for free?Well, we could have simply given you another downloadable laundry list of generic criteria and common do's and don'ts to puzzle over in the abstract, but, to tell you the truth, it's much more meaningful if you're looking at your own results. And, frankly, we've seen the power of this little report in action and it's really too exciting to keep to ourselves. So, if you believe your business isn't performing as well in search engine results as it could or as you would like it to, and you're ready to start turning things around, apply for ourFree SEO Report card and consultation today.

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