Ebay Suspended Account Guide - How to Get Back on Ebay and Paypal

Ebay Suspended Account Guide - How to Get Back on Ebay and Paypal

This is the very short trimmed guide on how to get back onto ebay after your buyer or seller accounts got suspended or limited. If you need more in-depth information, then visit my website for: eBay Stealth - The Complete Suspended eBay Account Guide. Please note that we will be making a fully anonymous eBay and Paypal account using fully 100% legal methods.

1. First, you need to Download Firefox.

After the download, go to Tools -> Options, Select the Privacy tab, then on the bottom in the "Private Data" Section Press 'Settings' and check off every checkbox. Press OK, Now whenever you close firefox it will ask to delete all of those things, just hit OK everytime. (you need these in case you are using 2 different ebay/paypal accounts so they cant track your cookies) And even if you are not using 2 ebay/paypal addresses, do this just in case everytime.

2. Register a Business name in your city.

First make up a name you will be using for your new eBay and Paypal Identities. Then Google "register business [your city]" -- without the quotes of course. Register a name that looks like a persons name, made up of 2 words, take some foreign words and create something for example; Wanslow Fae < -- just made that up.

3. Register a Virtual Address. 

This way you will get a business address without having to go out and and get an actual address. Or you can go and get a P.O. box instead of a virtual address, they cost around the same, but eBay and Paypal frown upon people using a P.O. box as their address since it is easy for a scammer to use it. (Read my e-book where I show you how to use a P.O. box without eBay / Paypal knowing you are using one)

4. Now you need a Virtual Phone Number. 

Get a Virtual phone number from one of the many providers out there on the internet: JetNumbers, TollFreeForwarding, or GotVMail. Make sure to forward that number preferably to your cell phone as this will be your new eBay and Paypal phone number. Make sure that the virtual number you get is in the same city that you made your virtual address.

5. Now you need a new bank account and credit card. 

For this you will have to create a DBA name so that you can get the credit card with your anonymous name on it in order to verify eBay and Paypal upon signing up. If you don't want to use a DBA name, read my Suspended eBay Account Guide where I show you how you can use a bank account that is under your own name to register with Paypal. And I also show you how to get a credit card with ANY name and address that you want on it (fully legal ways). This way you an bypass the DBA name making and then opening a new bank account with that name step which should save you around 2-3 days.

Now you have a new Address, Phone number, Bank account number and Credit card.

6. You will now need to get a new IP address before signing up to eBay. 

The best way to do this is to use dial-up internet because you get a new IP address every time you log on. Some very good companies offering dial-up are: Juno, Netzero and Earthlink.

7. Now you can create new eBay and Paypal Accounts.

Notes: Before you sell - Go to TeraPeak.com and use their research tools to find the best times, listing durations, keywords and tons of other things that you should do while selling on ebay to maximize your profits. Also, something i didnt go over in this article is what to do when eBay or Paypal asks you to fax them proof of your new identity (credit card statement, driver license, or utility bill). To find out what to do then, you will have to get my e-book - eBay Stealth - Paypal and eBay Suspension guide

Here are some of the things I cover in my e-book:

Create a new totally anonymous unlinkable account. Sign up without revealing your real name, address, phone number, credit card or bank info. Remove negative feedback. Find the best suppliers and wholesalers and make even more money. Sell anything without getting suspended. Avoid getting your items removed from eBay. Stay under the radar and keep selling whatever you want. Get back on no matter what the reason of your previous suspension. Fax all needed documents to eBay and Paypal from your anonymous account. create an account without providing a social security number. Verify eBay and Paypal accounts with any information. Avoid using Paypal altogether. Avoid eBay's tracking methods. Tips on how to avoid eBay and Paypal suspensions. Create a new identity that you can also use everywhere else, not just on eBay.

About the Author

I have over 10 years as an eBay powerseller. Everything was going fine until one day eBay suspended my account for no reason. I felt ripped off, and very sad - I have used eBay for so many years, and they just shut me out like that. This is when I started searching all over the web for reasons on why this happened to me. After 2 years of thorough research, I have finalized my book. If you have been suspended from ebay or paypal, visit my website for lots of free info on getting back on eBay and creating as many totally anonymous new accounts without using any of your own real personal information. - Suspended eBay Account Guide - "eBay Stealth"

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