Google starting its own Domain name service

Google starting its own Domain name service google domain Google is using some of their data center space to start up a service to help you register your own domain name on the Internet. The service, aptly named Google Domains is an invite-only beta for the time being, as we have come to expect whenever Google rolls out a new product or service. Google won't be offering hosting space, but folks like Wix, Squarespace Shopify, and Weebly have joined as partners so you will have an easy time getting everything online. If/when the service launches to the general public, you'll be able to buy or sell domain names through Google. They aren't charging extra for private registrations, and will offer up to 100 free subdomains. If you are looking to try out the service, visit the source link and request an invite. Be sure to let us know how things went if you end up using Google to register a new domain! Source:

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