How is Google Plus Good for SEO?

How is Google Plus Good for SEO?

Google Plus only started as just another social network but is now kind of a big shot in the social world, considering the fact that it's the only one that has such an important influence on blogs and websites search rankings. The social site is getting more and more integrated into Google's search results, and the trend is going to continue. The connection between Google+ and the engine is only getting closer; that's why every serious blogger and content creator should build a profile on the site and get active in engaging their following.

Your blog's and business social profile on Google+ influences, to a degree, how your content is being ranked in Google's results pages. These advantages can sometimes be crucial for the success of a blog and business. See if you can benefit from Google+ for SEO purposes, and share your experience and tips if you already did some of these:

1. Get your content indexed faster.

This is probably the fastest way to get your new content indexed fast and easy. Often the content is crawled in a matter of minutes after sharing a post on Google Plus, which is faster than if you regularly optimize your blog and submit posts to Google for search distribution across the Web.

2. Use Google Authorship.

Both content and social media are crucial for SEO, and with Google Authorship you can connect them both for a bonus effect. Every time you publish a new post on your blog, and share it on Google+ to get it quickly indexed, next to the link in Google's search results there'll be your profile image standing. Authorship helps the engine recognize original human content, adds value to search rankings too, gets your content noticed by searchers, and boosts your brand's and web authority.

3. Post to public.

Meaning, set your visibility to anyone for the content that you share on Google Plus to allow the larger community on the social site to have access to your posts and updates. You don't want to be unknowingly restricting your posts to few selected people. For marketing purposes and reaching out to a greater audience we've also added 'your circles', 'extended circles', 'following', and few more, as you can see in the screenshot below.

4. Optimize your title tags.

Title tags, as always, have a significant saying in how Google sees and ranks your blog content, as well as your Google+ updates. So it's very important to take the same care in their creation as you do with the titles of your blog posts, because that can really make a difference in how fast and easy people can find your content on Google+.

If you still have no success with the network, read our post to see if you make some mistakes in your blog's promotion on Google Plus: You Say Google Plus Doesn't Work? See If You Make These Mistakes 

Think you'll agree these are perfectly good reasons to join Google Plus and at the same time give a pretty significant boost to your SEO efforts.

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