How To Build Backlinks Quickly

How To Build Backlinks Quickly

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There are so many ways to build backlinks to our website. For those who are still not convinced the importance of backlinks in SEO, please don't read further. Backlinks are extremely important and some SEO experts claims that it contributes over 90% to SEO ranking factors. Of course, it takes time to build backlinks. If you want to rank higher and get more targeted traffic to your website, you need more quality backlinks. How to quickly build backlinks using the easy way? Here is the list of easy ways to get backlinks to your website quickly.

1. Article Marketing

This is the most common method in building backlinks. Thanks to Google who increase the value of contents and its effect in valuing search ranking, now content marketing is the by far the most effective link building method that is used by many SEO worldwide. It is not easy to write or create content on our own, especially if you have no time to concentrate on link building or SEO activity. We have to spend our time in our core business products and services. So, getting article written by ghost writers at reasonable rate can save you time. Plus, there are English native writers who can write for you at rate of $0.001/word or even lower than that if you have larger projects. Several webmaster forums and freelance websites can be used to find ghost writers. Next, is submitting these articles to article directories. Creating PPT or PDF and submitting to file hosting sites. Other than that, you can also submit these articles as a guest post in your niche targeted blogs. Some may prefer to use article rewriter tools, but I don't suggest this method as it is not 100% copyscape passed with low readability.

2. Forum Signatures

Forum is one of the easiest way to gain backlinks. However, many tend to be part of different niche forums. It is wise to engage in relevant forums to increase value of your backlinks from forum. Links from signature in forums have higher chance of delivering targeted traffic to your website from forum and will increase SERP ranking in Google if it is dofollow link.

3. Dofollow Blog Commenting

I'm suggesting dofollow blog commenting because only dofollow link will help to increase our ranking in Google. Similar to forum posting, commenting on relevant blogs will help us to gather targeted traffic from blogs and increase page rank. However, we may not be able to use appropriate keyword in name section as most dofollow blogs applying strict rules in approving comments with keyword in name section. The relevant backlink will still increase page rank for your site and if it is from relevant site, it will increase your page or website strength.

4. Secret Tip

Here is a secret tips that will eventually boost your site ranking and  SEO benefits from all your link building activity. You will stand a few steps ahead compared with other link builders or SEO experts following this method. It is using social media network. Sign up with 20+ top social bookmarking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Digg, Stumbleupon,, etc. Then, start bookmarking and posting all the links where you commented, posted articles pages and forum posts. Actually, you are helping those sites to get higher ranking. Having a link on particular page will also give similar effect to your site. It will help to increase the strength of your backlink from particular page. It's a win-win situation where your social bookmarking accounts will not get banned because if you keep on bookmark your own website or blog pages, they will ban your account. Increasing the value of pages where you get backlink will reflect positively in your backlink profile. There you go with a secret to be ahead of your other SEO competitive websites.

5. Popularity: 1%

Great information about getting noticed for your work from home business. Remember to get noticed by the search engines is very important for any work from home careers.

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