How To Effectively Put Social Media Metrics to Use

How To Effectively Put Social Media Metrics to Use

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These days theres certainly no shortage of dataor metrics for that matter. In fact, if youre not careful, you can end up drowning in a sea of vanity metrics.

Recently, I had a chance to chat with John Donnelly III whos the SVP of sales and marketing at social media analytics company Crimson Hexagon. Donnelly insists that marketers should go beyond the metrics and actually use insights from currentand even historicalsocial data. He says that using those insights from social media can help companies predict purchase intent and craft relevant, impactful campaigns.

JD: Metrics are critical. In addition to letting brands measure the success of campaigns, metrics can uncover deeper insights about audiences that can then be used to shape future campaigns. Of course, the key for any marketer is to ensure that youre tracking the metrics that actually matter.

Social media metrics are hugeand not just for measuring social campaigns. Social metrics can help brands determine the success of TV commercials, billboards, experiential ads, YouTube videosyou name it. Social is where consumers go to discuss their opinions on just about everything, so its critical for brands to pay attention.

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