Joomla Website Design: A Better Option than WordPress?

Joomla Website Design: A Better Option than WordPress?

Joomla and WordPress are used by a number of websites globally to fulfill their business requirements. The question is which is a better choice for your website? You as a website development company may be in favor of WordPress owing to its usability factor. However, I think that the issue is debatable before coming to a definite inference.

This article will discuss which is better? Is Joomla Website Design a better choice for the development of your next website? Lets have a look.

1. Joomla has more Adaptability

WordPress is only ideal for the publication of content while Joomla is packed with more powerful components targeting nearly the majority of the industries. WordPress is suitable for only those with time constraints but if you want a more productive, developed and result-oriented website, I would vote for Joomla. Joomla has more functionality to it than WordPress. The updated version of Joomla has even more usability features.

2. Joomla Suitable for Simple and Intricate Sites 

Joomla is suited for the development of both simple as well as complex sites with enhanced functionality. You cannot develop a website with more complex functionality with WordPress. It is suitable only for informative content. On the other hand, any specific client requirements can be easily met with Joomla Website Design. The features can be tailor-made wordpress has limitations in this regard.

3. SEO

Though WordPress is more SEO friendly but that does not imply that Joomla based websites cannot be made search engine optimized. It can be easily done with Joomla being customized to rank higher in the SERPs. Remember your website will be developed by a professional Joomla developer who will design it accordingly so that your webpages rank higher and better!

4. Better Integration Features

Joomla has a distinct edge over WordPress in terms of integration of your website with other application softwares. It has a more well established and strong API. This helps programmers to extend it with other systems as the need may be.

5. Enhanced Administration Attributes

WordPress has simpler administration featuressince its primary function is publication of content. It is an excellent application if used solely for the said purpose. WordPress can be a good choice if you update only new media or content onto your website, else not. On the other hand, Joomla has enhanced administration features offering management of order, shopping cart, user management and content in multi-languages.

6. Improved Custom-Made Development 

Joomla scores higher than WordPress in terms of tailor-made development. There are a number of strong add-on features that can be easily incorporated in a website designed using Joomla. WordPress can also be improved but not as effectively as Joomla.

Moreover, you save more time, especially if you are intending to develop a new website for your business using Joomla. It offers web organization infrastructure. Joomla is also user friendly since people without much technical knowledge can make upgradation of content quickly and easily. It has in-built permission features which enables a multitude of users to manage parts of the website. It is also supported by a number of templates which you can choose to develop your new site.

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