LG G5 - Radical Reinvention

LG G5 - Radical Reinvention Today at the MWC 2016 event in Barcelona, LG introduces its latest flagship Android smartphone, the G5. The G5 will be defined in most people's eyes by its extras features, simply because it's a terrific phone in its own right.


Around the world different phone manufacturers have been making us choose between either a plastic phone with a removable battery or a more premium feeling metal device with sealed components, but the G5 brings the best of both worlds in one single gadget. This is a metal phone with a removable battery, thanks to an innovative modular design. ll the extras you could want are here too: a microSD slot, an IR blaster, a fingerprint reader, NFC, and a USB Type-C port. LG plans to release a series of accessories for the modular G5. The first is a camera grip, which replaces the bottom of the phone with a bulky backpack. Besides giving you more to hold onto for pictures, the grip adds both hardware buttons for the camera and video recorder along with a wheel used for zooming. Inside the grip is an extra 1100mAh of (non-removable) battery power. LG also had an external DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) on display made by Bang and Olufsen. This boost to the G5's sound system is housed in a bottom piece that is only slightly longer than stock component, and it adds a second headphone jack to the bottom of the phone along with replicating the speaker and microphone.



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