LIfe Post: European Trip

LIfe Post: European Trip   During my 2015 Goal Post, I mentioned as my #2 goal that I wanted to travel this year. I'm so happy to share that I'm fulfilling this goal much sooner than I thought. This happened so fast, it was a out of the blue decision to go. My boyfriend and I were watching some show on the travel channel and got to a discussion about wanting to travel someday. Out of nowhere I hear him say, "Let's go backpacking through Europe!" I didn't take him seriously at first and played along. We started throwing ideas at each other, what countries we should visit and for how long. Eventually, we decided that we might as well do this now that we're young and without any real responsibilities like a mortgage and/or kids. I was all in, I had enough PTOs at work to make this happen and the first thing I did is submit my request at work and get my passport. Things were coming along quickly. Our itinerary changed all the time as we planned this trip along. In the beginning, we wanted to do so much. Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands and Germany were all in our list, but eventually we needed to be more realistic. With only having short of 2 weeks to travel, we finally settled with Italy, France and the Netherlands. This trip is even more special because we will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary while in Paris. So as I write this post. We have four days before setting out! I won't be able to make any update to this blog until I get back. But will be updating my social media when I can.

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