Mailers Earning Highest ROI with Mobile Email Offers

Mailers Earning Highest ROI with Mobile Email Offers

The industry is buzzing with recent reports on the effectiveness of email campaigns delivered on mobile devices. Last week, YesMail reported that conversion rates for mobile email marketing had jumped 70% in the last year. That single realization has forced the industry to realize that they must develop their email-and especially email offers-for mobile audiences.

AdStation by Adknowledge released this infographic summarizing why:

Ultimately, all those facts lead you to one conclusion: delivering email offers creates more value when you gear your email for mobile audiences. AdStation is helping publishers leverage that to make more money from their email marketing by delivering hyper-targeted offers, optimized specifically for mobile delivery - boosting clicks, raising value and returning the industry's highest PPCs directly to you.

What's more - they've been doing this for years. While the rest of the industry is playing catch up to accommodate these trends in data, AdStation has a rich history in mobile-optimized offer delivery. If you're ready to leverage the hottest industry trends and see your email efforts make more money than ever before, AdStation is the place to turn.

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