Majestic SEO Launches Search Engine Ranking Transparency

Majestic SEO Launches Search Engine Ranking Transparency Just last month Majestic SEO rolled out its brand new search engine ranking transparency features that will certainly be a hot ticket item for those in the SEO world. Now, when you type a search phrase into Majestic's search engine, not only can you expect to find search results, but you will also find "an increasingly detailed view of how, and why," Majestic ranks their results, which means no more guessing on your part! Along with their latest transparency features, Majestic also launched a new SERPS screen layout which shows the main search score factors in the SERPS themselves, along with the Flow metrics, referring domains, and external backlink counts, giving you a really good feel for the way Majestic formulates its rankings. Furthermore, the main new tab, which they've termed "the Ranking Factors tab," has two modes, "Chart Mode" and "Data Mode," which allow you to get a more customized view of the search results. Majestic's "Data Mode" will show how they've broken down the URL factors into separate elements for scoring purposes, whereas "Chart Mode" will enable users to see a graphic breakdown of the data. So what does this mean for the SEO industry? Well for one, it means a unique, new approach to SEO. Now, users can actually see why certain terms rank higher than others, and find more relevant terms based on a clearly defined set of variables. To find out more about

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