Mistakes To Avoid While Marketing Your Business On Instagram

Mistakes To Avoid While Marketing Your Business On Instagram

Many small businesses have still not been able to completely exploit Instagram as a platform for promoting their business and growing their audience. If only they could avoid a few mistakes and with a little bit of tweaking to their accounts on Instagram, they could be opening the floodgates or opportunities for phenomenal growth and engagement. Here are a few mistakes to avoid if you are looking for growing audience and of course, engagement.

Bio Is Not Accompanied By a Link

One of the major mistakes that you could make on Instagram as a brand is not incorporating a link in the bio. Instagram allows an entire space for providing a hyperlink. You must use the opportunity. You must consider linking to your product page or your store in the case you are running some sort of a sale. It is up to you to make things easier for visitors to locate your store so that your traffic could be boosted.

Poor Description or None Available in Your Bio

What could be termed as a super flop description? Here check the points below:

  • The bio is extremely boring
  • It is all about you
  • It is only about the products.

It is still better to have a poor bio than not having it at all. It instantly transmits the message loud and clear that you are just not professional.

Attributes of a Fabulous Bio

Your bio explains clearly your goal or mission or the philosophy and vision behind your products.

Includes a concise and clear-cut description of what products you sell or what exactly you do.

Poor Resolution Pictures Driving Away Potential Customers

You would look highly professional if you use high-resolution images. Irrespective of your brand image and presence, you ought to be professional if you are looking for boosting sales.

Awful Illumination Downgrading Your Picture

Your picture implies your products image and literally your brand persona. Good lighting is the key to looking wonderful. Your pictures look professional when shot in proper lighting and you would be getting free Instagram likes.

Your Posts Are Inconsistent

You need to be consistent while posting on Instagram. Do not get into the bad habit of being super active for about a week posting 3 photos every day and then disappear for a couple of months without any rhyme or reason. You simply cannot do this. Your followers must know about the things to expect from you.

Your Posts Look Quite Similar

You cannot expect to get fruitful results if you are posting pretty much the same sort of pictures on Instagram. You must think about ways to make your feed unique. You must make things seem interesting and thrilling so that your followers would keep on following you. Your products may look almost similar to each other. In such a situation, you could make things visually pleasing and interesting by simply mixing up the pictures.


Now that you are aware of the common Instagram mistakes, make sure you avoid them and make the necessary tweaks to grow your audience and boost Instagram following.

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