Off page "SEO" Learning Processing.

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Off page "SEO" Learning Processing.


Outsourcing Learning Point

Today I conversation about "OFF PAGE SEO",off page seo is the backbone of all search engines.There are no doubt,because all of the search engines depend on SEO(Search Engine Optimization). There are three words on the SEO, First one is "Search" means Find out anything, look through, examine, feel over etc. Second one is Engine means Mechanical Contrivance of Parts working Together, in easy word, which things that make easy our Daily work like as Google, Bing, Baidu, etc. Next one is Optimization means Make the best or most effective use of, make it easy to find out information from Search Engine. So finally we know that "SEO" is the basic and final destination to increase ranking a Website. A search engine can't live without any SEO processing, to save a search engine must be needed "SEO".Now a days, very much popular subject is SEO, Because all the owners wish that, There web site remain in First page and ranking #1 in google or others familiar search engine. If any body wants that, his site would get the first page and #1 in search engine, he or she have to must apply SEO, by seo expert. There are no way except a good "SEO" processing. If got the first page of search engine that there company will be Benefited, Familiar and Famous in the world. Today's Time, Outsourcing has been very famous in the world to the educated and unemployed youth. It has created revolution to the world wide. Developed world population to decrease production cost and save money from worker they very much like this outsourcing. On the other hand, developing or poor country people like outsourcing because luxurious work,smart work,available job,dollar rate is high than average of developed country and Freedom. Our main programme is outsourcing related subjects and (SEO Programming), that is are unfamiliar to many and most people. All of the related matter of outsourcing and SEO, which are essential for earn money from internet, as this matters,we give a clear concept for learning "SEO". It must be helpful for every one and New comer in this sector. If anybody wants to learn Outsourcing, that means HOW TO EARN MONEY FROM INTERNET by outsourcing related task, he or she must get a clear concept from our site daily, and able to learn SEO Related all of Tasks. Here will you get, What is Outsourcing,What is outsourcing Market place,The name of outsourcing market places,Account creation in market places. Why buyer's like outsourcing , Why we depend on and be related with outsourcing profession. How much guaranty of get job, What qualification is needed for outsourcing , How will you get job from market places, How to create a good account in market places, After open a account how to create and decorate a very good profile for getting job, How to find out a very good and payable job from market places that is suitable for you, How to make a active interview with your buyer, How to make a good performance on your job, After completion of your work how to send out or submit this job to buyer's. How to get International master card in totally free way, Than how to get payment by MASTER CARD, BANK WITHDRAW (Recommended for Bangladesh), Skrill, and Paypal etc transaction processing. How much will earn from outsourcing monthly, What job and how much job stay in market places of outsourcing places and what kinds of job are there, what is success rate of outsourcing, advanced outsourcing problem solving, Data Entry, Google adsense, PTC Site discussion, Google Map details, Google Translate, Information collections, Image collections, Yahoo Answers posting, Facebook double lock, Google Calender, How to use Team Viewer Software, How to download Software for Free, Google Docs/Drive etc. Than i also conversant about all essential tools of (onpage and off page)SEO(With details). Now i will tell a full list of SEO learning, because we don't know what is our seo lesson, or what i have to learn, for SEO. If you get a full and final list of SEO Learning subjects, you learn it any way, from here and there, I must express here a full list of (OFF PAGE AND ON PAGE) SEO. Ok next page is about our SEO learning list or most essential part of SEO, THAT WILL BE VERY USEFUL FOR NEW COMER IN outsourcing line: so let's go to our next session:::::: I have a training center for learning outsourcing, seo |sem |smm , graphics designing, web designing, office management, operating, networking, auto CAD (Computer Aided Design) etc, but my main focus on Outsourcing with seo, sem, smm, and AFFILIATE MARKETING, advertising step, more and more. Now i will share you about my training center's learning plan, in outsourcing criteria my course is two ways, as like . 1.Short course and 2. Long or advanced course. 1.Short course: In our short course lesson or syllabus is about all of processing of learning outsourcing methods, that details i will tell now: 1.What is outsourcing 2.Why like developed country like outsourcing 3.Why we love outsourcing and how to be a good freelancer 4.How much job guaranty on outsourcing market places 5.How much education and others skilled qualification needed for outsourcing 6.How to get job from market places 7.How to create account on many Market places Sites 8.How to decorate and create a good profile for outsourcing to get job 9.How to search a good and perfect job to get payment 10.How to do interview with buyers for getting an active job 11.How to deal a good performance on a job 12.How to send a job to buyers after completion 13.How to get a International Master Card (for free) 14.How to get payment after income 15.Money transaction way (Skrill, paypal, moneybookers, Bank transaction(recommended for BD) AND MASTER CARD. 16.How much will earn from outsourcing monthly 17.What kinds of job and How much jobs are located in marketplaces 18.Advanced problem solving about outsourcing 19.Data Entry Job for outsourcing 20.Google Adsense (for more EARNING FROM INTERNET) 21.PTC Site (FAKE DISCUSSION) 22.Google Map details 23.Google translate 24.Information collection Steps 25.Image collections from Internet 26.Yahoo answers 27.Facebook Double lock 28.Google Calender 29.Team Viewer Software 30.How to Download Software for free 31.Google Docs and Drive 32.How to send unlimited free SMS From internet 33.How to call mobile phone from internet (Free) 34.How to use skype for free calling 35.HOW TO MAKE A WEBSITE for free This is our short course syllabus, that will teach to our IT students of our training center. Now i tell about our advanced course syllabus, our advanced course syllabus is very useful and essential for all of freelancer, who's are interested to learn SEO, SEM, SMM, INTERNET MARKETING, VIDEO MARKETING, AND GET A SITE RANKING #1 IN GOOGLE FIRST PAGE: FIRST OF ALL OUR ADVANCED COURSE START WITH ( OFF PAGE SEO) THAN OUR SECOND TERM IS ( ON PAGE SEO) that will be enough for EARNING FROM INTERNET, and turn up a site down to up: ok, let's know about our advanced course: 1.What is SEO,SEM,SMM,(WITH ABBREVIATION) 2.How to work a search engine 3.Objectives of SEO 4.Kinds of SEO 5.Discuss about ON PAGE AND OFF PAGE SEO 6.Technical terms of SEO 7.Basics steps of SEO 8.Basic steps of link building 9.Article writing step 10.URL Collection Step 11.Posting Step 12.Proof submission Step 13.Blog posting 14.Forum posting 15.Article submission 16.Answer posting 17.Comments posting 18.Search Engine Indexing 19.Google Indexing 20.Social Bookmarking 21.Pinging 22.RSS Submission 23.Directory Submission 24.Link Exchange 25. .gov & .edu Link Building 26.Anjela & Paul Link Building 27.You Tube Link Building 28.Web 2.0 Link Building 29.Google Map Marketing 30.Craigslist 31.Press Release 32.Social Media Submission 33.Business Network Submission 34.SEO Tools 35.Key Words Research 36.Google Panda & Penguin 37.Google Sandbox 38.Google top Ranking (Guaranteed) 39.White Hat and Black Hat SEO 40.LEADS GENERATION 41.Advertising Steps 42.Steps of SEO 43.SEO Monitoring Tools 44.Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and Youtube like and comments (SMM STEP) 45.E-mail Marketing with Mailchimp 46.Virtual Assistant 47.SEO VS SEO 48.Google Advanced Search 49.Internet Marketing 50.Marketing Promotion 51.Market Research 52.Marketing Strategy 53.How to target potential customer 54.How to Motivate Targeted Customer 55. Market Samurai For Data Entry Jobs and Step Syllabus 1.Simple DATA ENTRY 2.Captcha Entry 3.Sign Up Jobs 4.From Fill Up Jobs 5.Data Collections 6.BPO DATA ENTRY 7.Data Mining 8.Data Scraping 9.Data Processing 10.Data Research 11.Data Entry For E commerce sites 12.Magento DATA ENTRY 13.HTML 14.Data Entry in CRM Software 15.Data Entry in ERP Software 16.Data Convert For Odesk Advanced Learning Syllabus 1.How get and search job in Advanced 2.Odesk account details 3.Basic profile create 4.Professional profile create 5.Title Writing 6.Objective Writing 7.Portfolio/Demo project Setup 8.Search Job 9.Apply for Job 10.Good Cover Letter writing 11.Interview with Buyer 12.Hired for job 13.Submit Fixed price job 14.Submit Hourly Job 15.Balance 16.Apply for Master card 17.Odesk to Bank Payment Transfer 18.Money Bookers Account Create 19.Add Bank with money bookers 20.Link Money Bookers with Odesk 21.How to pass odesk test 22.Odesk review 23.Odesk Verification 24.Odesk account suspend (Cause and Remedy) 25.How to up to date regular 26.Technical Word Meaning 27.Spinner Chief 28.Mail Settings 29.Social Media 30.Search Engine 31.Google Map 32.Google Books 33.Google Translate 34.You Tube Details 35.Internet Browse and Details 36.Cloud Computing 37.Sign IN and Sign Ups Secrets 38.Live Chat 39.Team Viewer 40.Image Search 41.information Search 42.Software Download 43.How to make Software Genuine 44.Screen Shot 45.Web site monitoring Tools 46.What is contractor and buyer 47.Copyscape 48.Google Calender 49.All Google Services 50.Web site/ Blog site create

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