The Advanced Content Marketer's Guide To Syndication + Licensed Content

The Advanced Content Marketer's Guide To Syndication + Licensed Content

Every time we talk to content marketers, we hear the same problem over and over: scale. Its a struggle on our own team and for established content marketers like GE as well. People in other industries can also relate  today we are always trying to do more with less. But when youre trying to do more with less, how do you grow?

There are a lot of content marketing software companies out there that offer analytics, distribution, project management, or original content. ButNewsCred is the only company that takes a holistic and realistic approach to content marketingby offering licensed content, original content from our award-winning network of freelancers, and rights-cleared user-generated content, as well as content workflows, distribution, and in-depth analytics.

To compete for brand awareness and build a successful content marketing strategy, marketers must drastically grow their content production capabilities, increasing their publishing cadence and volume across channels, brands and global markets.

While most marketers are familiar with the value of original content, many ask us about the benefits and use-cases of licensed content.NewsCred offers articles, images and videos from over 5,000 publications across 76 countries,enablingbrands to increase the volume, depth and quality of content they publish while increasing purchase consideration, and saving costs.

According to a2014 Nielsen study, 85% of consumers regularly or occasionally seek out trusted third-party content  articles and reviews written by credible journalists and publications  when considering a purchase.

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