The best places to learn to code for free!

The best places to learn to code for free!
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The best places to learn to code for free!

Code Learning to code could secure your future. Coding is the job of the future, and if you can do it than you will have a job. By coding we are not referring to any one particular language, they are all useful. With that said here are some websites below that you can visit in order to learn a wide variety of programming languages for free! Our list is short and sweet, but for good reason. Free trials don't count, and websites about theory, and other stuff don't count. These sites are all free, and let you do what you want to do which is: learn to code. From personal experiences these websites do 100% work the best. We have tried W3Schools first which is an excellent resource. We later discovered Codecademy which was just quite the best thing ever, and really made simple things like HTML even moresimple to understand andcomprehend.
Khan Academy is kind of like Codecademy, but we prefered Codecademy. Coursera is nice, and offers a lot, and Udemy offers a lot of free courses as well as paid courses. All these websites are easy to navigate, offer great material, and will educate you just as good as a paid education institution.
What can you make with HTML & PHP knowledge and understanding?
The CMS (Content Management System) that this website uses is WordPress. At the time of writing this 23% of all websites on the internet utilize WordPress to manage their websites content. WithHTML&PHPknowledge you can create your very own CMS. While this would be an unrealistic first project the simple fact is with the two mentioned languages you can create just about any web application that you access and use from your browser. Before we leave you guys we'llsay that the bestHTML/PHPcoding software / IDE we'veused isAtom. It is free and modular, open-source, and allows for add-ons like WordPress. We appreciate the time you have taken to read through or skim one or a few of our articles! Please come back or bookmark us!:)

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