[TUTORIAL] Getting PayPal Verified Account using Neteller

[TUTORIAL] Getting PayPal Verified Account using Neteller

PayPal is one of the most well-known online transaction broker. Most of online business site like PTC, PTP, etc are using PayPal to make a payment to their member. And most of them require you to have a verified PayPal account.

PayPal requires your Credit Card, but some people can not have a credit card caused by their local bank regulation for applying credit card. I will let you know how to get verified PayPal account by using Neteller account.

Here are the three requirements you can easily fulfilled.

1. Having a verified Neteller account. (You can follow the tutorial how to create a verified Neteller account here)

2. Having a Virtual Prepaid Net+ Card. (You can get it from your Neteller account)

3. Having at least $2 balance on your Neteller account.

Okay, let's continue to the first step.

1. Create a PayPal account here.

2. Choose Personal account. (There will be another fee for each transaction if you use Premier or Business plan account)

3. Fill the blank field.

4. Fill the credit card number, CSC, and expiration date information with the information you get from your Virtual Prepaid Net+ Card like the picture above.(CSC, CVC, CVV are the same)

5. If it requires you to activate your account first by email, simply just open your mail inbox and see any message from PayPal about your account.

6. Click on the link given by PayPal to activate your account.

7. After your account is activated, you can sign in to your PayPal account.

8. In the PayPal menu you will see "Get verified" link, simply click it.

9. Follow the instructions there and fill any blank field.

10. PayPal will notify you that they will debit your credit card for $1.95 and will send you 4-digit unique code that will appears on your credit card bill.

11. Check your Neteller account history, there will be a transaction from PayPal. Note the 4-digit uniqe code from that PayPal transaction. (The code should be in the grey field between "PP*" and "CODE" text in the picture below. -1.74 is the $1.95 that is debited by PayPal converted in pounds )

12. Open again your PayPal account, click "Get Verified" link and fill with the code you received from the PayPal transaction on your Neteller account history.

13. You're done here and you can enjoy your new PayPal verified account. Still you have $1.95 on your PayPal balance.

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