Video: JavaScript Checklist from Chicago JavaScript meetup

Video: JavaScript Checklist from Chicago JavaScript meetup
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"Project success is not about technology choices; It is much more aboutdevelopment and management teams doing the right things for you."
So says Justin Meyer, web developer who presented forChicago JavaScript meetup, a monthly gathering of developers hosted by Enova and Bitovi in the Chicago Loop. The attached video is from a November 2014 meetup. Justin's 15 minutepresentation focuses on the value of a checklist to JavaScript debugging and web development overall. Justin notes the history of checklist. I liked that Justinnoted a book I reviewed for Small Business Trends, calledThe Checklist Manifestoby Atul Gawande.The book explains how a doctor established a medical checklist based from flight check techniques learned from the World War II era. The reason the book and Justin highlights a checklist is because of the need to manage process. As was pointed out in theThe Checklist Manifesto-"Knowledge has both saved us and burdened us" - so it has become easier to overlook details. Given the advancement of JavaScript over time, the need for a checklist has become clear. To learn more, watch this video of the meetup featuring Justin Meyer.

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