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If you not having Inhouse Website designer and Programmers but you still need to manage and update your website / blog regularly than you can share your requirements with us. We have packages ranging from Micro SME, SME’S, MNC’S and for Big Enterprises as well.


Best Website/App Maintenance Packages:

Website Maintenance is the act of regularly checking your website or Application for possible issues or bugs and keeping it updated and relevant all the time. This should be a consistent practice if you want your website or application to be healthy and bug free. Also, this ensures continuous traffic growth on the website and reinforce your SEO and Google rankings.

If you don’t have in house website designers and programmers and you are looking for a regular website maintenance ranging from regularly updating your website or blog or more than our website maintenance services include Keyword Position Tracking, Content Creation, SEO Optimization, Micro SME, Digital Marketing Campaigns and Automation and more. We are available round the clock and provide 24/7 assistance to our clients globally.

Keeping a website well maintained, healthy and aesthetically sound is highly significant for any business, big or small. A well maintained website will not only boost its performance but also offer its visitors a safe & secure environment. This in turn leads to enhanced visibility, higher traffic on website, increased brand awareness, better brand recall for your business thereby supporting your company/business grow leaps and bounds.

We have a wide range of packages to suit the needs of various businesses. So think no more and Get an edge over your competitors by strategically improving your website/application regularly.

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Our Attractive Affordable Packages

Latest Offer- Get 6 months Free maintenance support with any new order for Website development or Hosting Services . Discounts available for half yearly and annual orders. For more details please connect +91-9625590634

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  • On Demand Website Maintenance

Key Benefits of Website Maintenance

Your website is a mirror for your business. Any business needs a quality website with all the functionalities in order to take its business to desired heights. When people visit your website, they get the very first impression of your business and then they decide if they wish to engage with you further or not. If a website is not well-maintained, not smoothly functional, not user friendly, has bugs and glitches, not secured, there are full chances of you losing your prospective buyers right away. Thus, maintaining a website is not a choice but a prerequisite for running any business successfully online.

Most websites in spite of being easily editable, are complex software applications and need to be kept highly up to date for various performance and security reasons. When we talk about WordPress Websites, this calls for the need of regularly updating the core software as well as website plugins and themes etc.

Website security is a reiterating process and your website requires constant assessment in order to identify and mitigate overall risks associated with online buying and selling. Website security involves all the various measures taken to secure your website from unwanted access, cyber attacks, data theft and more. You can prevent this by keeping your web hosting server’s software and your website’s software up to date with the latest patches and security releases. A website should offer a safe and secure environment to its visitors and customers encouraging mutual trust between buyers and sellers. An unsafe website is as good as not having a website or rather worse as it leads to a lost reputation of your business or brand which has a long term negative impact and is totally undesirable.

A website comprises of a lot of content, be it the informative content for the visitors, functional content or simply the aesthetic content. The content of all sorts on a website should be regularly updated and should be a la mode in order to continuously attract the attention of users as well as enhance user engagement. Also displaying any clichéd, outdated or redundant content should on your website should be avoided at all costs if you don’t wish to repel your prospective buyers or clients.

Google ranks on top the websites with relevant and up to date information on their search engine results page. Your website may get de-indexed by Google if it is not duly maintained and contains obsolete content. The main purpose of SEO is to increase the traffic on your website by getting it ranked on top of the search results enhancing its visibility and credibility both at the same time. Thus you are suggested to keep updating your website content, keywords, news and more in order to fetch the best results.

A website should be regularly backed up so that if in case something unfortunate occurs, you won’t need to start over from scratch and instead you can simply restore your website from the previous backup. This is specially the case if your website runs on a Content Management System like WordPress where you will need all of your files, content, media and database in order to get your website up and running again. Our backup services use multiple layers of data security to protect your files and keep your data fully secured. There are two website elements that need backup:
• Code (JavaScript, PHP Code, HTML, CSS, Themes, Plugins, Other files). Code should be backed up any time you change or make an update as well as every time your CMS releases a new update.
• Content (Text, Images, Videos, Audios, etc.) At a minimum, you should backup everything once every quarter. If you choose our services, we backup your website every day.

Initially, the only devices users were viewing your website on were huge desktop computers. Then came in laptops. Then came tablets giving in its way to mobile browsing which changed everything and usability and functionality on various device sizes became a high priority. With every latest advancement in technology, web designs come across a new challenge. Our website maintenance services give your business online visibility that endures all new advancements on web.

From above discussion we can conclude that website maintenance is the essential lifeline for any website performance. Some businesses are equipped with inhouse manpower to do it, but most businesses are better off leaving it to professionals like us who offer best website maintenance packages on good prices. After all – the success of your website AND your business depends heavily on your website online performance.

Web Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. In recent years, it has become increasingly important to have features on your site that integrate with social media because of which how much traffic it can send your way. Online security is another important area that is fast moving. You will need to invest in securing your site with an SSL certificate that will encrypt communications to assure your customers that their personal data including various private details is completely safe with you. The sleeker your website is, the more it will attract potential customers. With the help of our website maintenance services, you will have the opportunity to be an early adapter of any latest website technology giving you a competitive edge over your market rivals and will also aid back-end run more swiftly.

User Experience or UX focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities as well as their limitations. It also takes into account the business goals and objectives of the group managing the project. Every step you take to improve user experience optimizes the conversion funnel. The lead objective here is to minimize the obstacles a user faces while visiting your website by making it as safe, secure and user friendly as possible. Your website is the main point of contact between you and your prospective customers and thus it is highly significant that your website offers high level functionality and a smooth UI to visitors as well as customers. Thus you need to continuously monitor your website for:

• Page speed, excessive site downtime, slow loading pages, broken links, page not found - 404 errors, poor quality content, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, poor functionalities or ignored aesthetic aspects

• And rectify these immediately if found on your website in order to keep your website attractive, engaging and significant for the users.

You can have a look on above mentioned website maintenance packages for your website for your web site OR contact us if you have any specific requirements to discuss.

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