Who Knows a Great SEO/SEM Consultant

Who Knows a Great SEO/SEM Consultant

I get mail from folks from time to time asking me for help finding just the right SEO/SEM consultant. Often they don't want to hire an agency, yet, they're instead looking for an individual who has business experience and marketing smarts, someone whose brain they can pick to help them with very specific goals. I've usually sent these folks to one place or another, hoping it worked out. But now, since I'm also starting down the path of being an AdWords advertiser, I also might be looking for someone like this.

So I thought, why not ask my readers, who are the smartest folks out there on these issues, who they think might fit the bill. Here's a typical email, which I got this weekend, from a very senior designer (brand name is taken out) As you may know I direct a group of brands, one of which is (very cool, well known brand). We have had considerable success over the last few years on all fronts, yet as you know well, the marketing of brands is constantly shifting with the growing importance of the web. (Very cool, well known brand) is now embarking on a complete review and plan for its internet strategy, and one component that is needed urgently is great consultancy on its search engine optimization and key word search marketing plans. Could you recommend who I am our team could work with to develop these plans?

I don't think this is an agency but a person/consultant for whom this work would be a day or so of consultancy, then leading to a more regular (one day a month) consultancy. If this person then leads us to an agency (we have a media agency at present doing regular media) for this piece then that is fine, or even to the hiring inside the company of a person or people around the constant need to be first and best in class in this category. So, if you have ideas for who might fit this bill, or post in the comments. Thanks!

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