Why Cloud Computing Trending?

Why Cloud Computing Trending?

The urge to achieve excellence has always motivated a man to create and develop new innovative solutions, products, and ideas. The field of Information Technology is not an exception to this, with the evolution of IT industry introduction of cloud computing took place as Internet needed something to optimize its potential.

Cloud computing solutions have totally transformed the data transport and data storage over the internet.Nowadays every company and business organizations now store, access and transfer data from the cloud.

This has made the usage of pen drive, DVD, CD obsolete with the introduction of virtual data storage space.

Cloud computing can be defined as the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet (i.e. Internet host servers) to store, manage, and process data, rather than doing the same on a local server or a personal computer.

The cloud is a huge network of information, as well as a tool that facilitates transport of information across networks. It is not just a chat box or library that can be accessed by everyone. It facilitates services on top of the main application. In addition to its adaptability, the cloud also gave us answers to a lot of download issues. It allowed devices to run applications on faraway servers  a function which helped to develop more and more applications.

Uploading and syncing of data runs around the clock, the process is automated and the well-structured. There is no need to engage in the tedious tasks such as manual synching or to use programs like desktop reader RSS applications. But, like it or not, deep down, it is quite similar. In a sense, we have reinvented and restructured the wheel rather than a concept that is changing the world's technological scenario: The cloud computing has been already in the picture, although not playing the role of a protagonist in a sophisticated way.

But now Cloud Computing is playing a prominent part in the rapid growth of various businesses and tech developments, accelerating our pace in the world of tomorrow. Many applications deserve the cheering and appreciation, as they make living much easier.

We owe it to the cloud computing, as we do not have to work with one physical machine all the time, and are able to reap the benefits of the coherent integration and syncing of data from all over the internet.

The cloud is no longer just for tech companies. Now many big and small businesses and organizations have begun to recognize its advantages and applications. In fact, individuals also apply its usage to various requirements on a huge scale. Another privilege that we have from cloud computing is shared pools of configurable resources with minimum management effort, this helps to achieve coherence and economies of scale, resembling a public utility. Industry experts also claim that cloud computing allows businesses to get their core applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance, and that it enables IT, professionals and experts, to adjust resources to meet fluctuating, trending and uncertain demand in a better and more efficient and effective way.

Various applications like scalable usage; chatbots and other communication; productivity; business processes; backup and recovery; application development; test and development; big data analytics; and social networking, etc. are now applying the use of cloud computing.

From the observations and information gained while conducting a study on cloud computing, we can say that the driving and determining factors in the evolution of cloud computing have been the chief technology and the urge of seeking to minimize the risk of information outages, lessen the complications of housing network and minimize up-front IT infrastructure costs.

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