Women Entrepreneurship, Can You Make It?

Women Entrepreneurship, Can You Make It?

Women naturally possess a few strong social skills with the help of which they are able to read situations much more accurately and are able to take in a great deal of information from all possible perspectives.

It is for a fact that women have some great entrepreneur skills and start about 50 percent of the total businesses that operate alone in the U.S. however, they are not really able to receive venture capital funding, and only a small fraction is able to get their hands on it.

Venture capital funding, when it comes to funding businesses is very selective about the industries that it will lend to and hence women are left out.

Since most of these women set up fashion or food-related start-ups, many venture capitalists fail to see much scope and though with a woman, passionate about her work, in charge the business tends to grow. Most of the venture capital funding goes to the most robust industries of the time, with the world growing at the pace that it is technology and biotechnology take up most of this capital and sadly, these fields attract more men than it is able to attract women.

Whilst a tech startup will be able to raise a substantially higher venture capital, just because the idea seems to have a great potential without any promising results, women who have their heart and souls in consumer-based ventures such as bakeries, boutiques, cafes, restaurants and many more does not have the financial metrics to be able to attract capital from venture capitalists.

If you are a woman who is thinking about starting up a business, you may consider at first what type of business you want to be starting, once you are clear on what exactly you need to do, you will have the edge that you need. You can come up with a unique idea, and explore the niche market that is yet untapped. A unique business idea will help you raise the funds and also let you be the market leader and if you provide high-quality goods, you can capture the market as well. To get you the capital you can make your plain old idea look tech-savvy, load it with an e-commerce platform and ensure that you are pitching it right.

Most investors tend to believe that women cannot be good entrepreneurs for they don't often think BIG, think big, and think out of the box - we are ???? Let your mind and heart go wild before you analyze the practicalities of a business idea and its possibilities.

Yes women entrepreneurs can actually make it big, you just need to believe in yourself and strive for the perfection that you have in you!

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