Work Sample: Websites Building

Work Sample: Websites Building
Here is some of my work samples in websites building section, you will find he client name, country and a link to visit the website, your feedback is valuable for me.

1 - TMY Products

Website Building - Majestic Keratin USA Client: Majestic Keratin | Country: USA Industry: Beauty - Fashion |visit site
Website Building - Majestic Keratin UAE Client: Majestic Keratin | Country: UAE Industry: Beauty - Fashion |visit site

2 - The Minimally Invasive Surgery Society of Egypt

Websites Building - Miss Egy Egypt Client: Miss Egy | Country Egypt Industry: Health Care |visit site

3 - Sakkara Real Estate

Website Building - Sakkara Real Estate Kwait Client: Sakkara | Country: Egypt - Kuwait Industry: Real Estate |visit site

4 - Stars Nursery

Building Website - Stars Nursery - Egypt Client: Stars Nursery | Country: Egypt Industry: Education |visit site

5 - Cairo Center for Esthetic Dentistry

Website Building - Cairo Esthetic - Egypt Client: Cairo Esthetic | Country: Egypt Industry| Dentistry Health |visit site

6 - Mayten Group

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 8.39.53 PM Client: Mayten Group | Country: Egypt Industry| Beauty - Fashion |visit site

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