You Can Now Send Messages and Comment on Pinterest Pins

You Can Now Send Messages and Comment on Pinterest Pins You Can Now Send Messages and Comment on Pinterest Pins People send more than 2 million Pins every day, so we wanted to make it easier to have good old fashioned conversations about those Pins. Now when someone shoots you a Pin, you can reply with a #message and even send a Pin back. Our goal is to help people plan projects, swap creative ideas and share their best discoveries. Bonus? It's easier than ever for Pinners to share your Pins, boards or profile with their friends! [embed][/embed] You can also send Pins and messages to small groups of people (if they follow you!). Say you're organizing a project with a group in your office-try sending Pins to the crew so you can figure out the details. If you need a reminder of who's doing what, just pull up the conversation right from your notifications. Beratungspuzzle, a design consultancy, uses Pinterest to plan with clients: "If a customer wants me to create a logo for them, I just send them a link to my 100 logos board. They can look through it and write me that they like the font from number 60, or the colors from number 25 and so on. That way it's easier for me to understand the style they want and my customers see what I can do," said Stefan Bhler, founder. With messages, you can have even more direct conversations about visual style with clients. Or try sending board and Pin ideas to the co-worker who manages your Pinterest account. To learn more about sending and replying to Pins, see it in action by Cherie Yu Share Original Source:

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