4 Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed

4 Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed 4 Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed When it comes to getting your dream job, your resume may be just as important as your skills and qualifications. While the later is what really impresses employers and recruiters, they'll never know what a perfect match you are for the position if your resume gets pushed to the bottom of the pile. Use these tips to make sure your resume gets their full attention. 1. It's All About the Keywords 4 ways to get your resume noticed Image via Flickr by csm_web Today, many resumes are first sorted automatically by computers. To make sure your resume makes the cut, include some of the same words and phrases that appear in the job posting. You can also use buzz words and other terminology specific to your industry to make an impact. And according to ZipRecruiter, you should consider incorporating the following"power keywords" which are featured in some of their highest-rated resumes: Experience Management Project Development Skill Professional Meanwhile, the lowest-rated resumes include these words: Me Need Chance Hard First Learning Myself 2. Achievements in Numbers When crafting your resume, keep in mind that hiring managers will see dozens of versions that are quite similar in education, job experience and skills. One way to really stand out is to quantify your achievements so that employers see the effects of your work. For example, describe certain projects and how much you made or saved for your employer. Provide concrete numbers for how many people you managed, the size of budget you worked with, or the number of deals you closed. These figures will give your resume more weight when compared with vague, generic versions. 3. Eye-Catching Education 4 ways to get your resume noticed Image via Flickr by A&M-Commerce For recent graduates and those without extensive job experience, it's important to play up your degrees, certificates and/or coursework which fit the job description. Fortunately, Monster.com says that new grads can break the rule of placing education after experience. If you want to highlight your education, use this section as the centerpiece of your resume. You can include academic honors, related coursework or projects, and your GPA. Don't forget to mention specialized programs. For example, you'd include your educational leadership degree in a prominent position if you're applying for a principal or school superintendent job. 4. A Helping Hand 4 ways to get your resume noticed Image via Flickr by thetaxhaven Networking is a critical part of the job search these days. However, you still need to make sure your resume ends up in the right hands in order to be considered. If you're applying to a company, see if you can connect with an employee who'd be willing to hand your resume directly to a hiring manger or other key personnel. If that's not an option, at least go the extra step to try to identify who the hiring manager may be. Sending a personalized email may be the best way to get your resume pulled from the stack. To really impress future employers, you'll need to put in a little extra effort to make your resume special. Use these tips to make sure your resume is as eye-catching as possible. For Free Jobs Posting and Free Resume Upload - Click Here

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