Vital Home-Safety Pointers You Need to Teach your Kids

Vital Home-Safety Pointers You Need to Teach your Kids



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Imagine: your kids are home alone. A thousand things could go awry behind your back. This worry hounds you wherever you go. However, there is a way to put a stop to it. Why don�t you teach your kids about basic home security measures? Don�t avoid it because you think they�re too young to understand. They just might grasp those pointers, take them to heart, and act on them in dire times. You need to be an active safety educator for your kids.

But where do you start? We�re here to help with the following tips!

Under Eight Years of Age

I�ve chosen this age group because those under eight are not too young to be unable to comprehend these pointers. In fact, they�re just the right age. This is what you should teach them:

����������� Sharp Objects are a No-No: First, keep all sharp objects, like knives and tools, away from the reach of your kids. Second, if somehow a child does get access to a sharp object, teach them to carefully replace it and walk away. Spin some story around sharp objects if you wish to dissuade your kids.

����������� Touch-Me-Not Chemicals: Being poisoned by chemicals, like medicinal syrups or cleaning liquids, is one of the worst things that could happen to your children. So teach them about chemical safety, and caution them to maintain distance.

����������� Opening Doors and Windows: Most burglars make their way inside a house through doors and windows left open. Teach your kids to always lock the entryways, and to never open them to any strangers whatsoever. Wait for the adults to check whoever�s there.

����������� Answering Phone Calls: Kids are gullible, believe it or not. They�re prone to give out precious information if spoken to in a particular way. Teach your kids to not to speak to any stranger over the phone - wait for adults instead. They can talk to people they know, like relatives or family friends.

����������� Emergency 101: Anything might happen. A blizzard might occur, a fire might start, or a �home invasion might take place. What should your kids do then? In case of a blizzard, hole-up and keep warm. In case of a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning, run outside the house through a predetermined route. In case of a home invasion, hide and dial 911. Carry out these, and other related emergency drills with your children on a regular basis, so that they don�t panic when the situation actually arises, and they know exactly what to do.

Above Eight Years of Age

This age group is clever enough to maneuver technology around the house, but not too clever to act wisely like an adult. Teach them the following security pointers:

����������� Operating Home Security System: Teach your kids how the automated security setup which you�ve installed in your home, like the wonderful Vivint security system, works. Go through it in detail with them. Make them recognize different alarm patterns and sounds, and what each of them means. Teach them how to turn it on and off, using a wired buttoned pad, or if it�s wireless, through the smartphone. Show them how the authorities are contacted if something goes awry.

����������� Divulging Personal Info Over the Internet: Kids like to show themselves off. If they have social media accounts, they upload pictures. Tell them to be careful not to divulge any personal information on the internet which might be taken advantage of. For example, the family goes on a vacation and their itinerary is posted on the internet by the teen daughter. Someone can see this, and clean the house of all its valuables, knowing that no one is home.

����������� Acting in Disasters: In case of a disaster like an earthquake, a wildfire, or a gas leak, your kids should know how to react without panicking, help their siblings, and take shelter. Teach them how to react through drills.

If your kids are aware of the aforementioned basic safety and home security pointers, they�ll be much better disposed to handle a situation, even without your supervision.


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