Dog Flipping On The Rise

Dog Flipping On The Rise
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The new trend dog flipping is sadly on the rise

  Dog flipping refers to when a dog is stolen, bought from a shelter, or taken from someone who has found a lost dog and then turned around and sold on a service such as Craigslist. Dog theft is on the rise, according to theAmerican Kennel Clubit rose 28% last year. Today thereis a story making headlinesof a woman in Hawaii who bought a Jack Russell Terrier at a local shelter and then posted her for sale one hour later for $200.
The Story of Sally May

Sally May was listed on Craigslist an hour after she was adopted

The woman bought Sally Mae for $85 at a local shelter. An hour later Sally May was put up on Craigslist for $200, with the owner claiming she is just so caught up with working two jobs, information she clearly knew an hour before. The ad had Sally May listed as being 5 years old, she is actually 10. Technically she isn't breaking any law, so the shelter can't force her to return the dog. TheHawaiian Humane Societydoes offer a refund if an animal is returned within 30 days. They say they would gladly welcome Sally May back anytime. Pet flipping can net anywhere from $50 to a few thousand dollars per dog, depending on the breed. Sometimes flippers simply take dogs to see what kind of reward the owner will pay for their return. A lot of the animals taken for flipping purposes are kept in kennels that resemble puppy mills until they can be flipped.  
One of the things you can do as a pet owner to decrease the likelihood of your dog being stolen and flipped is to get him microchipped. It's a very safe and quick procedure and it's one of the only ways you can truly identify a dog and prove ownership once they've gone missing. Collars are great to have as well for identification but they're easily removed. You can also spay or neuter your pet to deter flippers from breeding.Time reportedthat there seem to be some sophisticated flippers out there, targeting their prey carefully. They chose certain breeds and specifically use them for breeding. In Indianapolis a man was arrested after it was discovered he had been stealing German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Pit Bulls for years. If you're thinking about getting a dog it is advised you stay away from internet sites like Craigslist. There's no way to determine where those animals came from. If you're going to get a purebred do your research and find a reputable breeder. If you want to adopt a homeless pet visit a shelter or local rescue center.    

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