Exciting T3 Twirl 360 Sweepstakes

Exciting T3 Twirl 360 Sweepstakes reposted from teamifabbo


Who doesn't love winning a giveaway or sweepstakes? Well for iFabbo, the fun is in seeing people win! So, we have partnered with T3Micro to provide you and your readers with a chance to win a T3Micro Twirl360, styling iron, with a new winner announced every week! Didn't get your hands on the T3 Twirl360 in the iFabbo SHOP? Enter to for your chance to win here!


If you are hosting the sweepstakes on your blog, remember to adhere to FTC rules (which you can read a bit more about in our post here). Be sure to include the following hashtags on your social media platforms: #sweeps, #entry, #promo and also disclose at the beginning of your review blog post that you received the product via the iFabbo SHOP as a press / pr sample and the review is your own opinion for which you're not paid.

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