Five Ways To Amplify Human-Brand Interactions

Five Ways To Amplify Human-Brand Interactions
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People live first and foremost in the digital world, and the battle for their attention and loyalty exists there. The digital world, akasocial web, is powered by human media. To realize the promise of what all digital can do,brandsneed to understand that digital is not a thing. Once upon a time, it was. But now digital, via the social web and personal devices, is a part of the shared human experience. Consumers dont have a real life and a digital life they have life which they experience both offline and online. Makingdigital workmeans incorporating the same type ofhuman relationswe do in the material world. Last week I discussed brandidea, and the need to radiate the brand idea at wavelengths specifically tuned to the rightconsumers. Human relations tells us the frequency the idea likely needs to create emotional resonance. Becoming more human does not mean brands lose their identity. But outside of the material world, the voice and personality a brand has is at equal volume and weight to consumers.Brand languagemay need to evolve to allow the brand voice to be better tuned (more human) to how consumers relate and make meaning. The promise of digital is global interconnectedness. Brands are part of that connection. Approaching digital with human relations as the point of departure will improve the way consumers relate to brands, bothonline and offline. Human relations makes it possible for brands to find a harmony of opposites in digital where the brand idea and positioning does not get shortchanged for new imperatives like engagement. Consumers have preferences, beliefs and values they often freely share on the social web. Listen to what they say. When they talk, it is about what matters to them.

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