How To Create A Stunning Visual Identity?

How To Create A Stunning Visual Identity?
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I always make sure the image is consistent with whatever content it is supporting. My job is to select the primary image for each post that will be used across our social media platforms, on our homepage, and at the top of the post, so it should be relevant to the story and compel someone to click on the link.
If an image looks too staged, fake, or uninteresting, skip it. For example, if Im looking for a photo of a chili pepper, Ill look for something with personality and texture, even a little imperfection. This shot Vicky Wasik: Lucky Peach uses some really interesting graphics and illustrations for their features (thisChinese dumpling guideis one of my favorites). I think Bloomberg has some really strong photography that blurs the line between editorial and photojournalism: thisIceland featureis so cool. The images are huge and beautiful, and it feels like youre scrolling through a magazine rather than down a webpage. Wasik is a Brooklyn-based photographer specializing in food, events, portraits, and travel photography. Her photographs have been featured in print and online by publications including Conde Nast Traveler, The Huffington Post, Edible Brooklyn, Edible Manhattan, New Orleans Magazine, The Village Voice, and The New York Times. She also has worked with brands such as Whole Foods, Oreo, Walmart, Plated, Chivas Regal, and Barilla. Its often said that to achieve success in content marketing, brands should act like a publisher. But how do publishers act? What should brands specifically be emulating? For our second installment of our Ask an Editor series, I sat down with Vicky Wasik, Visual Editor at Serious Eats, to learn how to create a beautiful and compelling content hub.

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