Roundup #5 - The Best Dog Articles of the Week

Roundup #5 - The Best Dog Articles of the Week
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The animal world lost a true hero this week;Sam Simondied on Sunday. TheSam Simon Foundationis one of my favorite organizations; they save the lives of dogs to enrich the lives of people. Be sure to check them out and see all of the amazing projects they're involved with.

Top Dog Articles of the Week

  • The Importance of Reading Dog Food Labels The recent Beneful lawsuit has been a great reminder of how important it is to read food labels. Taking a look at how ingredients labeled as safe by the FDA doesn't necessarily mean it should be fed to our pets.
  • The Breeding Business: Can It Be Responsible? A great question about whether responsible breeders should consider themselves a business. The word business itself means different things to each of us; should we care whether or not a breeder calls themselves one?
  • Dogs Could be 'Noninvasive, Inexpensive" Diagnostic Aids for Thyroid Cancer A dog named Frankie has been trained to detect Thyroid cancer with 88% accuracy. A research team at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences reports that Frankie can detect thyroid cancer from sniffing urine samples.
  • Living With Pet Allergies Comprehensive article covering the symptoms, causes, hypo allergenic breeds, and methods used to deal with pet allergies. Pet allergies have become increasingly common over the past few decades but luckily most non severe allergies can be managed with various treatment options.
  • Should a Dog Ever Be Picked up by the Tail? The recent winner of Crufts has taken a public bashing after picking up her dog by his tail. Here's a look into the controversy and some insight into what Crufts & the UK Kennel Club has to say about it.
Those showing at Crufts receive clear written guidance on handling their dog, in order to ensure the dog's welfare, and this guidance makes it clear that dogs should not be handled in this way," said club secretary,Caroline Kisko.

Funny/Cute Dog Articles

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Best Dog Deals of the Week

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Best Dog Videos of the Week

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