Why You Should Stop Playing Small & Take Big Leaps in Your Business

Why You Should Stop Playing Small & Take Big Leaps in Your Business

Not sure if most of you know this, but if you don't I want to share something pretty amazing with you. I'm in San Francisco right now!

Came here on a business trip to interview some new potential team members and to be personally introduced to some potential clients & contacts.

I feel like I've stepped out of black & white into awesome radiant HD color!

It was incredibly frightening a couple of weeks ago, when I was booking my flight to San Francisco, reserving my hostel room, and connecting with the business contacts that I was going to meet up with in San Fran, and on top of it I was planning on doing it with a tight budget and solo!

My ego kept telling me, "I'm not ready for this, no way!"

And then I did it anyways.

And holy shit, I've been praying and thanking God everyday for this experience!

I've met so many amazing people at the hostel. Found healthy and inexpensive ways to enjoy San Fran in all its beauty. And have found so much time in my schedule to get work done AND treat myself.

What I want to share with you is take other people's limiting beliefs with a grain of salt. Be your own judge.

Before I came to San Fran I was told it would be too expensive (have eaten like a queen on the cheap using apps like sprig and using Google like a pro!).

I was told that hosteling isn't safe for a girl by herself (everyone is so friendly and I feel ten times safer in a hostel than a hotel. It's like being back in college. You have your roommates and you look out for each other. It's filled with fellow travelers, and many travel solo.).

I've even been told that it's hard to meet people in San Fran ( LIES! So many awesome movers and shakers! Met so many amazing people and still meeting people!).

If you want to dramatically change your life, make a big leap. Sending you all lots of love on your journey, soul babies!

With Love,

- Amanda, CEO of Inspire Me Communications

So, what's been holding you back? What leaps are you afraid to make?

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