20 Inspirational Home-Based StartUp Workstations

20 Inspirational Home-Based StartUp Workstations   minimaldesk1 I am a minimalist. I detest clutter. I constantly re-arrange my workstation throughout the day to eliminate tiny messes that may crop up. Blame my Type A personality, on my being a Virgo or the eldest child, but I function best and am most productive when there is no dishevelment within my line of vision. Unfortunately, as a home-based entrepreneur who currently shares her office space with the rest of her family, you can imagine maintaining the balance and neatness is a challenge. However, as a holiday gift to myself, I have decided to invest in a new workspace situation and am actively scoping design and home magazines and websites for ideas and inspiration. Here are 20 of the best minimal workstations I encountered in my research that I truly love and thought to share. Which one is your favorite? mimial-workspakce991 micro-minidesk

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