5+ Essential WordPress Tips and Tricks You Need To Know in 2022

5+ Essential WordPress Tips and Tricks You Need To Know in 2022

WordPress today powers greater than one-third of the websites and is the leading website builder on the planet.

If your website is hosted on WordPress We have amazing news for you. It is not only easy to use and highly well-known but it's also regarded to be the most effective CMS for SEO.

If you really want to make the most that are WordPress for your website you must keep current with the latest developments and best practices for this top-quality CMS. If you don't do this, your website could be lagging in terms of ranking in terms of user-friendliness, trustworthiness, and user-friendliness.

If you're trying to ensure that your WordPress website running smoothly like an efficient machine Read about it. We're about to give you the best WordPress tips and tricks that will last into 2022.

1. Pick An SEO-Friendly Theme

One of the benefits of WordPress is the sheer number of high-quality, free, and paid themes for websites. The variety of beautiful and practical themes can be difficult to pick from. But there is a distinctive feature that you must be aware of when selecting possible theme options for your WordPress website.

This is SEO-friendliness. If you browse through WordPress themes, you'll find that many themes have the "SEO-friendly" tag.

Check that the theme you pick is compatible with this tag, and also the following features:

Responsive Design

One of the most important characteristics of an SEO-friendly theme is its responsiveness (just an elegant method of saying that the website will appear great on any device). This is an absolute must for today's web-based browsing. With your site's visitors visiting via smartphones, desktops as well as tablets, it's crucial that your theme adapts to any device.

Tips for a Successful Mobile becomes the most popular category of browsing, with more than 50 percent of all traffic to websites. Due to this, it's recommended to test your website using the Mobile-friendly test tool Google in order to ensure that it works on mobile devices.


Another crucial aspect of a theme that can affect SEO is how light-weight the theme is. Since the speed at which pages load is an important search engine ranking element, your website should load as quickly as you can.

One of the most important factors in an extremely fast page loading speed is to use an easy-to-use website theme. If you're not careful and don't take advantage of this feature, you may be installing a terribly slow theme. Some themes have already-installed plugins that slow down page performance dramatically.

Read this article to learn more about selecting the right WordPress theme.

If you're curious what your website's performance is in the current design Take advantage of our free test of website performance tool.

2. Create Clean Permalinks

Another excellent WordPress trick and tip to take to 2022 is the establishment of clear URLs.

Permalinks are the links that are permanently displayed that are displayed when you go to a page. When you are creating posts and pages on WordPress there will be an area at the top part of the editor page. In this box, users can enter the URL they wish to be used to use for the new post or page.

When creating these links it is important to keep them clear and easy to navigate. A simple, clean URL is more user-friendly than a lengthy numbers-heavy one that's difficult to browse through.

For example, "https://smileitsolutions.com/ehocode23985/f57ksss" is much less user-friendly than "https://smileitsolutions.com/what-are-permalinks".

Apart from being simple to look at as well as easy to comprehend, In addition, clean permalinks are more reliable. URLs that look strange, lengthy, and random, often appear suspicious to Internet users. A site that contains an intricate, bizarre sequence of letters, numbers, and symbols in its URL, could be a sign that you're on a fake website or an infected URL.

3. Get an SSL Certificate

Another method to boost trust in your WordPress website is to acquire an SSL certificate. Have you ever visited the page and seen an unassuming green padlock on the front of the page URL?

If yes, then this website is protected by the SSL certificate. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a layer of code that secures the communication between websites and browsers and protects the user. If you've got the SSL certificate on your website the certificate will change the URL of your site that is http.yoursite.com into http.yoursite.com.

A valid SSL certificate signifies to visitors that your site is operating on an encrypted connection. this increases trust increases the number of pages that are viewed, and reduces bounce rates.

Additionally, Google has been prioritizing the security of sites for its users and has been changing its algorithm in line with. Today, Google is favoring sites that have an HTTPS URL over those without. Websites that don't have an SSL certificate could appear in red with a warning flag on Google. This informs users of the fact that they're surfing on a site that isn't secure and may trigger a rapid fear and suspicion.

4. Don’t Brush off Backlinks

Backlinks are an old-fashioned SEO most effective method. Although Google has made numerous adjustments to its algorithm, they are still a significant ranking factor in 2022.

Backlinks build your page authority. If a high-ranking and reliable website links to your site it shows Google that your website is valuable and that it is worthy of being displayed to its users.

The process of building high-quality backlinks takes time and commitment. But, with methods like guest posts, blog commenting as well as infographics along with email-based outreach strategies, you will be able to accumulate high-quality backlinks in the course of time.

However, an additional most effective WordPress suggestion that's still valid is to create an internal linking structure. In simple terms, it's the method of creating good internal links in your website and your content that direct visitors to your web pages.

5. Optimize Your Site Speed

According to Google Mobile, mobile browsers will abandon your website when it takes longer than three seconds for the page to load. Similar statistics apply to people using desktops to browse.

Therefore, it is vital to improving the speed of your WordPress site to speed up your website. The ways in that you can improve the speed of your website include:

  • Pick a light theme

  • Select a responsive theme

  • Optimize images for the web

  • Reduce redirects

  • Make use of caching of the browser

  • Increase server response time

To find out more to learn more, read this blog post on website speed.

6. Optimize for Voice Search

Due to the growing acceptance of digital voice assistants, such as Alexa and Siri users are increasingly using voice search for browsing the internet. In reality, more than one in five Google queries is voice search. As you can imagine the number of voice searches will only increase.

There are numerous options you can take to make your website more optimized in order to make it more suitable for voice searches. From making sure you include conversational languages in your content, having an accurate locale Google My Business list updated, to optimizing your site to ensure that it loads extremely quickly. If you're interested in finding additional information, wonderful people on Thrive Marketing have a nice article about optimizing your site for search by voice.

Now You Know the Best WordPress Tips and Tricks for 2022

I hope that these suggestions and tricks can help you get your site up and running for 2022! If you're having trouble managing your WordPress website, or require a little assistance with a single issue send us a message. Our team of WordPress experts enjoys helping others WordPress users make the most value from their sites!


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